5 Best Places to See the Northern Lights

Northern lights are mysterious and overwhelming. Seeing the northern lights, or aurora borealis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the Netherlands, you can observe the northern lights but sporadically, towards the north so! These are the five best places to see the Northern Lights.


Finnish Lapland is a great destination to see the northern lights. The white fairytale landscape is beautiful. There are special Northern Lights trips that happen; you can also spend the night in a glass igloo at Levi and Kakslauttanen. So you have, at night, a beautiful view of the starry sky and with a little luck also to the northern lights! Also, from the adjacent Swedish Lapland is the aurora noticeable, especially the Abisko National Park, is known for it.


Norway is also a top destination for seeing the northern lights. Go to Troms in the far north of the country or visit the Lofoten, an archipelago in the middle of the Norwegian Sea. The islands are known for the impressive nature with high mountains, deep fjords, many seabird colonies, of course, and the northern lights. The Lofoten Islands are best reached from Harstad-Narvik. Want to go even further north, go to Spitsbergen. This island is located above Norway, closest to the North Pole you can hardly get.


The people staying in northern Iceland claim to see the northern lights an average of 100 nights per year. You can do light spotting throughout Iceland, even in the capital Reykjavik; you often have the opportunity to observe it. Yet the chances you have in the north around Myvatn is most likely to offer you a guaranteed view. Additionally, you can also enjoy the enchanting scenery or take a dip in the many thermal baths in Iceland


Need more adventure? Go to Greenland! Via Copenhagen fly to Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk, the capital, you can fly from Iceland to Kulusuk. Due to the stable climate in Greenland, it is a big chance to see the northern lights. Additionally, you can enjoy the extraordinary day in the ice landscape during a dog sled ride.


Northern Lights tour is a significant part of a trip through Canada. A beautiful place, Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories province. This is a town where many Eskimos live. During the day you can enjoy here, with walks on snowshoes or sleigh ride, overnight you have a great chance to see the mystical Northern Lights. Also, in other parts of Canada, it is possible to spot the Aurora Borealis, such as, for example, in Alberta.

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