What Is Sustainable Travel & Why It Is Important for India?

You may have heard about many different types of travels and sustainable travel might be a new thing for you. What is it and why it is important for India? I will try to provide complete information on sustainable travel and its benefits. What is sustainable travel? Are you worried about your environmental footprints? You […]

10 Places You Can Visit In India On A Shoestring Budget

If you make a middle-class income; there is a good chance that you believe that regular vacations are for rich folks. As a result, you probably go on holidays once in 5 years, or you may feel the need to save a decent sum of money before considering a short getaway. Vacations can be expensive, […]

How to Keep Your Travel Costs Down (and still have fun)

The fact that I’m writing this doesn’t mean I went through all these efforts (this time around). It’s safe to say that money I earn from my digital marketing work has allowed me to live relatively well throughout my travel time. However, I am aware that saving when you have a lot of money is […]

Immerse yourself in the Beauty Of Barcelona

The dreamy Barcelona. We all have heard of it and dreamed about it sometime. A city with corners to be discovered every day. Impossible not to love it, but most of all, to love the way it makes you feel when letting go to its magic. I have had the chance the embrace this place, […]

10 Kinds of People You’ll Find at a Hostel

If you haven’t stayed in many hostels before or in one at all, you might be under the impression that certain ‘types’ of people or travelers stay in them. While I can’t speak for how things were years ago, I can safely say after my hostel experiences, that there is no ‘one type’ of traveler […]

Dhenkanal-A Hidden Gem of Odisha

Dhenkanal a unique district, is famous for its rich cultural heritage having the area of 4,597 sqr. Km, located at the central part of the state of Odisha in India. It lies between 85°58′ E to 86°2′ E longitudes and between 20°29′ N 21°11′ N latitudes having a population of 10,87,973. Dhenkanal’s geographical location, topographic […]