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Pranav Das at Nathu La,Gangtok
Travel Asia

10 Amazing Places To Visit in Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim which is located in the Himalayan range. Gangtok is also the largest city and municipality in the state. Sikkim is the 1st state to ban polythene and become litter free. Gangtok is…


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Barcelona aerial view
Travel Europe

Immerse yourself in the Beauty Of Barcelona

The dreamy Barcelona. We all have heard of it and dreamed about it sometime. A city with corners to be discovered every day. Impossible not to love it, but most of all, to love the way it makes you…

Travel Tips

10 Kinds of People You’ll Find at a Hostel

If you haven’t stayed in many hostels before or in one at all, you might be under the impression that certain ‘types’ of people or travelers stay in them. While I can’t speak for how things were years ago,…