The all-time favorite food of Americans has made a special place in the hearts of Indians from past few years, and I can definitely say that it is one of the most delicious and mouth-watery foods out there today. Yes, I know, it’s not too healthy, but hey try explaining that to my taste buds. Here is my list of top 10 pizza destinations in India which I believe are capable of serving best pizzas. Btw, you should keep in mind most of these pizza companies do offer discount coupons, so if you are running out of cash, you can try out finding offers and coupon codes on the internet or just directly call your favorite pizza place.

1. Dominos

The pizza at Dominos is often affordable for most of the customers. In fact, I sometime wonder how they can make delicious pizzas at such an affordable price. They are present in most of the cities and one of the few who run discount offers and bargains though out the year.

2. Rendezvous, Puducherry

The most fascinating thing about Rendezvous is steaks which provides an extra layer of taste. In fact, the restaurant is also situated at such a romantic place called Puducherry. The restaurant offers to choice i.e., one can either eat their food in the comfort of AC lounge or have it under the beautiful stars on the lush green gardens.

3. Manohar, Bhopal

Although the restaurant is well-known for its taste of chhole (masala chickpeas) and Puri, the pizza and Chinese are also one of the best foods out there. Remember that these foods are served from mid-day onwards.

4. Machan Restaurant, Nainital

Nainital is the place which is known for its Jim Corbett jungle and chilling air. The menu at Machan Restaurant offers a wide range of food items but the pizzas and burgers are ones that are very popular here.

5. Mediterraneo, Khajuraho

Placed in Khajuraho city, Mediterraneo restaurant is situated on the terrace. Although the menu here has food items such as salads, organic pasta and chicken, the pizza over here has a great taste. You also have a chance to buy beer or Maharastran wine for reasonable rates.

6. Hot Pizza Place, Darjeeling

The menu here is composed of food items such as salads, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. You’re also served with an excellent breakfast and coffee to start your day with a smile. Although the service is little slow, I find it very friendly.

7. Au Feu de Bois, Puducherry

The pizza here is well-known as wood-fired pizza which is hailed as one of the best pizzas in Puducherry.

8. II Forno, Leh

Let’s just get back to Leh and sit at II Forno. Although the place is a bit of unassuming, the pizza here has a good taste better than most of the others around.

9. La Pizzeria, Leh

Situated in Leh, the most beautiful city which is composed of gardens La Pizzeria is still one of the best places to have pizza. Although it might seem pricier than the rest of the restaurants in the city, but the price is well worth it. Most importantly, beer is also served in La Pizzeria at reasonable rates.

10. Pizza Hut, Kolkata (or any other place)

I know you would be wondering throughout my list about where pizza hut has gone. Well, it’s here at the end and as you all know it is very popular among travelers and locals.


Top 10 Pizza Places in India

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