What is Slow Tourism? Benefits of Slow Tourism

Slow tourism is probably the best way of exploring a location. As the name suggests, it is slow, satisfying, and quite exciting!

We all love vacations and we all feel sad when it’s over. That sad feeling comes because the vacation ends within a few days. You don’t get enough time to explore the place, try all the delicious cuisines, and be familiar with the local culture.

Usually, a vacation feels like you are on a fast-paced train that stops only for a few minutes on each station. People plan to visit many locations in one trip, and it significantly reduces the time spent on each location. You leave that scenic and entertaining destination within one or two hours and later regret it.

Slow tourism is exactly what the name suggests. You travel slowly and spend enough time on each destination to know it better than any other tourist. You slow down your movement, spend more time with the locals, explore the real beauty of the place, and live like a local person.

It is something unique and worth trying if you are tired of moving like a nomad. Continue reading to reveal more about Slow Tourism and some unique perks come with it.

Slow tourism: a new way of exploring the world:

There was a slow food movement in Italy. This movement supported the consumption of high-quality organic food. It not only benefits the consumer, but also the farmers and food producers.

The Slow Tourism idea is also the same. It is for the mutual benefit of tourists and locals. Whenever you tour a holiday destination, you spend enough time there to see the beauty of the place through local people’s point of view.

It requires you to spend a few days at the same location to explore it in a better way. If you usually spend a day on a holiday spot, slow tourism asks you to stay for a few days. You get enough time to take a glimpse of everything the place has to offer. It will cut some locations from your itinerary program, but you will feel relaxed.

What do you think after spending a day at a famous location? Do you think you know the place? It’s just a myth if you think so! You can know it only if you stay there to explore. Hire a local guide to find out unknown routes. Thus, you reveal hidden beauties behind glimmering city lights and scenic beauty of a few picturesque destinations.

Slow tourism takes you away from the hubbub and provides true peace of mind. That’s what we all want to achieve and its an additional perk with rediscovering the venue. Slow tourism’s concept might not suit all, especially when you have just a few days. So, pick a location that has a lot to offer. Spend a couple of days there and you won’t regret it at all!

How to adapt to slow tourism concept?

You know you have to slow down a little bit, but how slow? The concept is pretty simple, do things at an appropriate pace. You have to rethink about the speed and prefer quality over the quantity.

People often make a mistake of reducing their travelling speed. That’s not what slow tourism asks for. You won’t make any change if you are travelling in a car instead of taking a flight! You have to spend more time on the chosen holiday spot.

It is all about knowing the place and its local community. Do not plan to do too many things in a day. Pick a lesser-known location and explore why it is popular. Get familiar with the local community, their beliefs, and try all the delicious local cuisines.

People also advise about avoiding cars and flights. Try alternative means of transportation, like bus trips, trains, and ferries. These means of transportation will allow you to spend more than enough time with the locals. It is also a more environment-friendly way to explore a tourist spot.

How slow tourism is beneficial for the locals?

People often wonder that local inhabitants in a popular tourist destination make a lot of money through tourists. Guess what, they don’t! Some local retail outlets and restaurants might do well, but not all.

People hardly spend two days and then move to a new location. It does not benefit all the local vendors. Many tourists visit a renowned western chain to have your meals instead of visiting a local place. It does not benefit the locals.

Slow tourism encourages tourists to spend at least three days on a location. It supports the use of local services instead of relying on global brands. You buy local products, eat local meals, use public transport, and you may also like to rent a serviced apartment. The money you spend stays longer in the local community and it benefits them.

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Perks of slow tourism for the tourists:

The following benefits make slow tourism a great concept to enjoy a vacation:

• Get familiar with the local culture and beliefs:

It is always fun to learn more about the local culture. You reveal many unknown details. It also helps you in removing misinformed facts about the community. Always communicate with the locals when you are staying there.
Things will get more interesting as you will spend more time with people. Every culture has something unique to offer. You will get familiar with facts which only the natives knew. You may later write about it or boast your knowledge on social media!

• You feel more relaxed during the trip:

It feels great when you several days to enjoy a vacation at the same location. You won’t be in a hurry, enjoy the natural beauty of the place, and explore more unknown regions. You can try a different restaurant to have your lunch and dinner.

The nightlife becomes more exciting and entertaining. You will start knowing people around, who will guide you for the best pleasure. The place will look different in the evening and there will be no need to wake up early for the next day’s itinerary plans.

• Reduced commute cost:

It is not slow tourism if you are taking flights and renting cars to travel famous holiday spots. This type of tourism supports the use of local transportation. You travel by bus, train, and other means of local transportation.

Needless to say that local transportation costs much less than car rentals. You save a lot of money and that money can be spent on cuisines, local artefacts, outfits, and other things.

• It’s the best way to relieve mental stress:

Are you on a trip to get rid of work stress and refresh your mind? Slow tourism is the best way to accomplish that goal. You can rest much longer and enjoy all the pleasures that place have to offer. There will be enough time to take a refreshing massage or spa, meditate in nature, and hike in the local wildlife regions. All these activities are great for relieving stress!

• It’s good for our environment:

Every educated person is worried about the threats we cause to our surroundings. It badly affects our ecosystem when we take a flight or rent a car to commute to a nearby destination. Slow tourism encourages tourists to try local transportation. It’s the most eco-friendly way of travel. You should also practice it in your daily life.

• Less planning required:

You won’t be spending your time on planning the trip. There will be ample time to make new plans every day. Your local guide will always suggest a scenic place to visit. Do some online research and then travel there. Things get quite exciting when you travel without plans. Such trips offer new adventures that you would try because you will have more than enough time for it.

• Make new friends:

Usually, people get no chance to know each other on a vacation due to lack of time. Slow tourism is like a cruise ship trip. You meet new people and spend a lot of time with them. New relationships are formed and you enjoy the company of your new friends.

Your new friends can make the stay more special for you. They can resolve the accommodation problem and provide better discounts on local foods and services. Thus, the trip becomes more memorable and enjoyable.


Slow tourism is slowly gaining popularity among tourists looking to grasp all the perks of a refreshing holiday. Every country offers something unique to explore. Choose your holiday destination, take a week off from your work, and move slowly.

Of course, every tourist will not switch to slow tourism but it is effective. It reduces the number of destinations from your itinerary program, but you get a chance to see some rarely known spots.

People love the idea of moving slowly, spending more time in the same city, using local means of transportation, and tasting all the renowned local dishes. Go for it if you haven’t tried this new way of enjoying a memorable vacation!

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