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Responsible Traveler- Pranav Das in Nusa Penida

Welcome To Voyage Nomad

Hello there. My name is Pranav Das. People often label me an Indian travel blogger, a writer, a photographer, a digital nomad, an instagrammer, a solo traveller, and an animal lover, but at heart, I’m just a guy who loves travelling.

Born in Agra, India, and raised in the little town of Cuttack, India, I was never a big traveller. It was simply not something my friends or family did. After college, I found a job and started living the regular 9 to 5 life. My first excursion was in 2012, when I went on a tour to Himachal Pradesh, India. That experience changed How I see my life & myself. It exposed me to all the possibilities that the world has to offer. There, I encountered a different culture, creatures I had only read about in books, new delicacies, got lost in a forest, witnessed conservation programmes in action, and met people from all over the world.

From that moment on, I was hooked on travel.

Back in 2015, I gave up the day job after three years in Kolkata to Travel This Beautiful World but now with my business agency, house, family, and friends; I am attempting to bring all of them together. So I blend up travelling and home life–with trips ranging from weekends in India and Asia to more far exotic trips.

Since then, I’ve travelled to many countries and territories, logged hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in over a hundred hostels, eaten strange food and learned several languages.