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Pranav Das in Nusa Penida

As a full-time Indian travel blogger and digital nomad, I collaborate with tourism boards and related lifestyle brands to connect them with my engaged readership. Every article on my travel blog, Voyage Nomad, and on my social media accounts, particularly Instagram, is constructed from personal experiences and attempts to capture the spirit of travel.

I attempt to travel differently–often solo and beyond tourist spots to find the soul of a place–and bring stories from the road in an honest, experiential, aspirational and relatable way to my readers.

To set up an interview, work with me or engage me as a speaker, please email me at

Why partner with Voyage Nomad?

I try to travel differently – mostly solo and beyond tourist traps to locate a place’s essence – and deliver stories from the road to my audience in an authentic, immersive, aspirational, and informative way.

My blog and social media are flooded with people who express their desire to follow in my footsteps wherever I travel.

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