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Pranav Das at Nathu La,Gangtok
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10 Amazing Places To Visit in Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim which is located in the Himalayan range. Gangtok is also the largest city and municipality in the state. Sikkim is the 1st state to ban polythene and become litter free. Gangtok is…

Dhenkanal-A Hidden Gem of Odisha 2
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Dhenkanal-A Hidden Gem of Odisha

Dhenkanal a unique district, is famous for its rich cultural heritage having the area of 4,597 sqr. Km, located at the central part of the state of Odisha in India. It lies between 85°58′ E to 86°2′ E longitudes…

Street Lane in Hong Kong
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7 Tips For Adjusting to Life in Southeast Asia

Whether you are retired, an expat working abroad or a long-term traveler, adjusting to life in Southeast Asia can be an interesting experience. There are the obvious communication problems, but deeper problems of understanding are the ones that will…

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The 5 Best Romantic Places in Malaysia

Malaysia is Asia’s pride in the matter of being a land where the east meets west, and maybe that is why most travelers love to visit this country often. The country has beautiful, and exotic places which are also…