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Barcelona aerial view
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Immerse yourself in the Beauty Of Barcelona

The dreamy Barcelona. We all have heard of it and dreamed about it sometime. A city with corners to be discovered every day. Impossible not to love it, but most of all, to love the way it makes you…

Montenegro City Architecture
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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Montenegro Every Year

Montenegro is one of the hot and happening destinations in South Eastern Europe blessed with naturally beautiful landmarks. This unexplored beauty is sure to make you awestruck with its splendid beaches, magnificent mountains, lush-green hills and historic towns. Though…

Girl Skiing in Swiss Alps
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Pinnacle of the Ski World

Carving down the pistes of the Swiss Alps: a phenomenal view As an avid snowboarder in Asia, I would say I am a decent snowboarder and have been to some of the famous ski hills in the northeast. When…

belfast-titanic museum
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Top 5 Things to See in Belfast for Adults

Described as an unspoiled treasure by National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Belfast has become one of the United Kingdom’s must see destinations, famous for its culture, cobbled streets and historic public houses. If you’re looking to visit Belfast for a…

Romania Architecture
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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania

Romania is a country in the Balkans of Eastern Europe. Romania is a land filled with mystery and huge amounts of nature. Before traveling there I asked people about Romania. Half the people did not know anything about it.…

Prague Aerial View
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5 Must See Medieval Cities in Europe

The growing trend among people has been spending holidays in Europe. European medieval cities are a must-see for its culture, history, magnificent architecture and medieval festivals for reenactors all over the world. As you will see, each city hosts…

Things To Do in London
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Top things to do in London

London, the most visited city has been blessed with numerous attractions. All these attractions exhibit the grand and dazzling impressions of excellent architecture, diversity, and royalty. Buildings of London are astonishingly eye-catching. Here is a big list of attraction which are…

Best Things to Do in Berlin 6
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Best Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most beautiful spots in Germany. It is the capital of the country which consists of 16 states. Berlin also happens to be the largest city in the nation. It has vast area, rich in…