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local beer bar in ireland
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The 10 Best Cities for Beer Lovers

1. Bruges, Belgium Belgium in general and the historic city of Bruges in particular, is seeped with a beer culture unlike anywhere else in the world. In fact, this tiny country houses over 120 breweries that produce a staggering…

Solo Female Traveler
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Don’t Hesitate to Travel Solo

Some parents raise their children to be independent from early childhood onward. Even children who don’t have parents like that develop some independence as they become adults. It’s an inevitable part of growing up. Developing independence is easy for…

10 Best Lesbian Travel Blogs You Need To Follow in 2019 1
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How To Fulfill Your Dream To Travel

People often say that you should follow your dream. They promise you that dreams can come true. Do they really mean that? Are they following their dreams? You may look at someone who says that to you and see…

Girls Jumping Near Grand Canyon,USA
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Top 5 Girly Destinations To Visit This Year

Winter has finally arrived and you must be gearing up for a holiday with your girlfriends. Whether you are looking for a mad week of partying, some relaxation and tanning time, or fancy a proactive few days of visiting…

Golf Ball Lying On Ground
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Top 10 Golf Destinations in The World

If you haven’t yet finished sorting out your 2017 travel plan, perhaps this listing of Being Flawless Top 10 Golf Destinations in the world can help. 1. St. Andrews, Scotland This tiny picturesque town on the East coast of…