10 Best Lesbian Travel Blogs You Need To Follow in 2019

We often forget that people from the LGBT community are just normal people like us. Their choice of life doesn’t give us the right to mistreat or discriminate them. Just like all of us even they should have the right to lead their lives on their own terms. It is good to see the changing scenario in the LGBT community. Nowadays, people have learned to acknowledge their existence. Even many of the countries have also revised their laws regarding LGBT community rights.

Speaking of the LGBT community, blogging has become quite a popular option among them. There are many lesbians who have quit their job to become travel bloggers. They either travel solo or with their respective lesbian partner. If you check the internet, you will come across many famous lesbian travel blogs.

In this post, I have listed 10 of the best lesbian travel blogs which you should follow in 2019.


GlobetrotterGirls - One Globe. No Regrets.

The Globetrottergirls is run by two lesbian partners Dani and Jessica. They started this beautiful journey from 2010 as a couple but sadly, they parted their ways in 2014. Currently, the blog is managed by Dani alone. Before their separation, they traveled and explore the world for four years. But now Dani is managing the blog on her own while trying to keep their memories alive through their blog. Both the partners shared the love for traveling which initially gave birth to Globetrottergirls. But we are proud of Dani that despite such a big incident in her life she has managed to keep the blog alive. The site is regularly updated with new stories. You can check out the interesting things Dani has to share with us.

The Freedom Travellers

The Freedom Travellers

Freedom Travellers is the joint result of Victoria and Elaina. The site is run and managed by the joint efforts of these two beautiful lesbian partners who love to travel the world together. Before they conceived the idea of starting the blog, they both were working in the corporate world. But they soon realized that running a regular salary job is not their thing to live for. They both believed that life was worth more and that’s when they planned to start their blog. They quit their jobs at the beginning of 2014 and chose to live life freely on their own accord. Since then they didn’t have to look back.

2 Moms Travel

2 Moms Travel

Lara Dorman is a lovely lady who is happily married to Deb. Lara states that she loves to explore new places with her family and that’s how the blog 2 Moms Travel came into existence. They have young children 6 and 8 who too have inherited the love for traveling from their parents. For Lara life is bliss with her happy family. As soon as they are back from a journey, they start planning for their next and that’s how things run in their life. You can find the details of their travels in their blog.

Straight On Detour

Straight on Detour – Find your own adventure

Straight On Detour is lesbian travel blog site started by Prue and Becky. They have been traveling the world solo until they both met in Thailand in 2012. Since then things have changed for both the ladies. Now they travel together and share a lovely relation with each other. They both have a very busy travel schedule. However, they don’t have any complaints. They have an interesting site with a lot of information about different places to visit.

The Rainbow Route

The Rainbow Route

The Rainbow Route is a travel blog run by two lesbian partners. They both share the same passion for traveling to different places. This blog site is the result of their undying love for traveling. The girls promote gluten-free and budget-friendly travel on their site. For someone who loves traveling may find this site really interesting.

Free Wheel Drive

Free Wheel Drive

Free Wheel Travel is started by Laura who is a professional photographer and Camrin who is a website tester. They have planned to join the people who are ready to sell their goods and live life on the road. The couple hopes to visit as many national parks as they can. The blog was started after they both realized that they share the same love for traveling. They plan to live an extraordinary life on the road in a jeep grand Cherokee called Tina.



Sunny Eaton and Karin Balsley together made their dreams come true in the form of this blog called Vagabroads. This extraordinary couple has sold all their belongings in order to travel the world. Traveling for them seems to be everything in life. Before they became travel bloggers, they both had their respective careers where Karin was a network engineer and Sunny was a criminal defense attorney. They left their career to explore the world together.

Once Upon A Journey

Once Upon A Journey

Once Upon A Journey is a blog site started by two Dutch girls, Roxanne Weijer and Maartje Hensen. Other than traveling they love writing and photography. Well, that makes the perfect combination to start a blog site, don’t you think? They actually planned to write a book on fairy tales when the name Once upon a Journey pooped up in their minds. But later they decided to name their blog site the same as their book.

Dopes on the Road


Unlike the other blog sites on the list, this one is run by a single lesbian girl. She believes that the internet is her playground as she spends most of her time surfing the web. She was inspired by one of her friends called Stevie and that’s how Dopes on the Road came into existence. She started her blog in 2010 which was as bad as it appears. However, with time and experience, she has managed to get better.

Breaking The Distance

Breaking The Distance - Breaking The Distance

Founded by a lesbian couple Tash and Marthe, this is one of the most popular travel blogs on the net. They both love to travel together and share their stories with the world. Currently, they are in a long distance relationship now and that’s how the blog Breaking The Distance was started. They share their experiences and stories so that they may be helpful for other long distance couples.

Subscribing a lesbian travel blog is the best way to explore the world from their perspective. People from the LGBT community are gifted with the creative talent which they utilize in various ways. Lesbian travel blogs are just an example of their creativity and love for pleasurable things in life. They truly know how to live life to the fullest.

10 Best Lesbian Travel Blogs You Need To Follow in 2019
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