3 Must See Places For The Art And Culture Lovers in Australia

Australia is a rich and diverse country which has a varied history in art and culture. From ancient Indigenous art and modern day abstract painters, to international ballet productions and theater shows, there is truly something for everyone across the continent.

Here are three must-see places for art and culture lovers.

Escape to the Dreamtime


Seeing Australia through the lens of its ancient beginnings is one of the most enriching ways to explore native art and culture. There is no better place to do so than Kakadu National Park. As Australia’s largest national park, World Heritage listed Kakadu offers visitors breathtaking scenery and a fascinating look at the depth of Aboriginal cultural heritage, including unique paintings. This amazing landscape holds one of the world’s largest collections of rock art and is an absolute must-see for any visitor.

To truly experience Kakadu at its finest, consider taking a guided tour. Lost in Australia Kakadu tours, offer experienced guides who will help you to explore this stunning natural wilderness, and offer in-depth knowledge and information on the park and its unique Aboriginal cultural beliefs and distinctive artistic rock paintings.

An Evening by the River


As the capital city of sunny Queensland, Brisbane is developing into a thriving center for all things cultural. Taking a stroll through picturesque Southbank will lead you to the artistic and creative hub of the city. With the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and the Lyric Theatre both attracting international dance, music and theater acts, the variety of talent on display is astounding. The Queensland Conservatorium of Music is nestled right next door and showcases the very best young talent in classic and jazz music.

A short walk away is the stunning and contemporary building housing the Gallery of Modern Art. You will not be disappointed by a visit to this amazing cultural resource, and while you are in the area, you can discover further collections in the Queensland Art Gallery. If these amazing offerings have not yet whet your cultural appetite, why not investigate the Queensland Museum, also located within walking distance, and explore more about the history and culture of Australia’s beginnings.

Literature, Live Music and Local Street Art


With a capital as vivacious as Melbourne, it almost goes without saying that Victoria is a must see destination for all art and culture lovers. The diversity is one of the biggest drawcards, with something for every taste on offer. Contemporary public art adorns the walls and corners of the streets and leads you past rich architecture and historic buildings dating from the Gold Rush era. Numerous art galleries and museums provide hours of engagement, while plentiful music and theater venues can soothe or excite the senses.

It’s also worth taking the time to explore Melbourne’s claim to fame as an official world literary capital, with its many extensive libraries, literary laneways, and vibrant festivals for every form of book lover.

Australia has such a rich cultural and artistic history, from the ancient origins to modern art and contemporary dance. Whether you are a fan of the classics, or want to explore the wilderness, there’s something for every taste in Australia. Enjoy these three must-see destinations, and enjoy all that Australian art and culture has to offer.

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