7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Montenegro Every Year

Montenegro is one of the hot and happening destinations in South Eastern Europe blessed with naturally beautiful landmarks. This unexplored beauty is sure to make you awestruck with its splendid beaches, magnificent mountains, lush-green hills and historic towns. Though the country is known as “Black Mountain,” it is packed with vibrant colors on its every corner. This quiet place in Europe will impress you with its warm climate and exceptional attractions. This tiny country is the beautiful connecting destination of land and sea. Being a small country with a size of just half of Wales has made it easy to explore and discover the hidden gems. Let’s get a glimpse of what to expect in Montenegro.

Exciting Adventures

If you are planning to visit Montenegro, don’t forget to pack your hiking boots. The vast mountain ranges and forests in this area offer an amazing chance of exploring the nature. When in Montenegro you can hike to the Kotor’s attractions, kayak in the bay of Kotor, wander in the island of Mamula and sail in the beautiful locations of Zanijic, Rose, Perast, Risan, and Kotor. White-water rafting, canoeing, and zip lining are several other activities that put your adrenaline to a top gear.

Scrumptious food

[easyazon_link identifier=”1786575299″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”kl02b-20″ cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”n”]Montenegro[/easyazon_link] is an affordable destination to go to a trance state in the diverse cuisines. The fans of Mediterranean cuisine can have a lip-smacking treat in Montenegro since it is the main cuisine here. Foodies must try the thick fish soup, octopus salad, and rice with sea fruits while in Montenegro. If you wish to savour unique foods of Montenegro, sarma (cabbage leaves stuffed with mincemeat), pasulj (bean soup with flecks of meat), and karađorđe vasnicla (breaded veal roll filled with cheese) are the recommended dishes. The kebab style, cevapi is a mouth-watering starter in Montenegro. Other popular cuisines in Montenegro are Balkan, Turkish, Austrian and Italian. If you are near the coastline, don’t miss garlicky seafood and squid-ink risotto. If you have a sweet tooth, visit Byblos in Porto Montenegro and enjoy the delicious cashew baklava.

Mesmerizing Beaches

If you are in Montenegro and miss out a beach then, it is considered a sin. The country is exposed to the sun more than 250 days a year. When you are scorching in the hot sun, you are supposed to head out to the beach to chill. Luckily, Montenegro is blessed with beautiful beaches in Europe. Montenegro covers over 290 km of untouched coastline with 70 km of lively beaches. Exciting bars and bustling beach clubs near the beaches enables you to dance until the dawn with unlimited drinks and foods. Big Beach, the longest beach at the Adriatic Sea is famous among the visitors of Montenegro. Crvena Plaza beach, Becici beach in Budva, Queens beach, Plavi Horizonti in Tivat are the various other beaches known for their marvelous charm.

Evergreen National Parks

National Parks are the right places to discover the lush beauty and natural miracles of a country. Montenegro too boasts its outstanding beauty in their national parks. If you love anything that is green and fresh, Montenegro has a lot to offer you. Surrounded by majestic pine forests, pristine lakes, sparkling gorges, and dazzling waterfalls, Durmitor is an ideal place for nature lovers. If you are an adventurer, get ready to explore the dense forests, rugged mountains and tranquil lakes in Montenegro. You can sight-see rare wildlife, beautiful flowers and cute birds in their array of national parks like Lovcen National Park, Biogradska Gora National Park, Skadar Lake National Park, Prokletije National Park and so on.


The music festivals of Montenegro is the best way to get excited in this gorgeous country. Southern Soul Festival in Ulcinj and Sea Dance Festival in Budva are the two major summer music festivals of Montenegro which allows you to experience music with fun. If you participate in annual carnivals in Kotor and Budva, you can enjoy the parade of costumes and entertainment.

Quaint Kotor

Kotor is an ancient city in Montenegro that prides over pre-medieval towns and old harbor. If you wish to marvel at the 12 to 17th-century structure, do not miss Kotor City in your itinerary. Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is the main attraction in the city. Most of the churches here have historical significance. If you are overwhelmed with history, you can also admire the stunning mountains and scenic landscape in this city.

It’s Affordable

Yes, you heard it right!! Due to its unknown beauty, Montenegro guarantees a wallet-friendly summer holiday trip. When compared to Western Europe, Montenegro offers a cheaper holiday. By just spending 10-15 Euros, you can have a complete meal in Montenegro. Most of the restaurants serve main dishes at a price of 5 Euro. It houses numerous posh hotels too. Opt for private house or independent villa to enjoy affordable accommodation. Even the entrance fee for the attractions can be covered within a couple of Euros. Overall, Montenegro ensures a vacation without draining a hole in your bank account.

Though there are many other reasons to visit Montenegro, these seven reasons are the major ones. In a nutshell, Montenegro has everything you can expect on holiday.

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