When Will It Be Safe to Travel Again

We all love to holiday and move around places. We are social beings and like to meet up with people and visit them whenever possible. Before Covid-19 period, we all had our summer and winter getaways with our friends and family members. Our business meetings took us all across the country.

But this Covid-19 has put us all under lockdown. Even though it appears to be unofficially over in many places, officially we are supposed to go out only when necessary.

Due to coronavirus travel restrictions, the worst-hit industry is the travel and tourism industry. The hotels are vacant and the transport has been put to a halt. But travel cannot be stopped forever. You do need to travel sometime or the other due to unavoidable reasons.

So, the main question being asked is that when will it be safe to travel again without any restrictions?

Well, no one has a definite answer to this. As the travel experts feel that it may be a few years till the whole Covid-19 situation is resolved and things normalize. But one can follow Covid-19 travel guidelines and some tips that ensure minimum chances of getting infected or becoming a carrier of Covid-19 virus.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind while traveling in Covid-19 period.

● Wear a mask, face shield, even gloves, if possible. Carry disinfectant wipes to clean tables, chair armrest or any other high-touch surface. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth without sanitising your hands.

● Maintain at least 6 feet distance from other people while being in public.

● Avoid going to any public place where there are sure to be hundreds of people at the same time.

● Stay away from any possibly infected person, who may be coughing or feeling very weak or has lost sense of smell and taste.

● When you travel by air or train look for options with lesser stopovers so that there are fewer people that you come in contact with.

● Do not eat in crowded places such as restaurants, cafes and if possible, eat on outside tables. The best option would be take-away or delivery to your place. This way you can enjoy great food but away from other people.

● For lodging, look for hotels that promise proper sanitisation and use all the precautions. If you have a relative or friend in the same town you can ask them if they can accommodate you for a few days. This will minimize your risk. Also do not use sharing rooms or dormitory-style accommodation. With more people in the same place, it can be very dangerous and there will be more chances of getting the virus.

● Please avoid using public transport as one may end up touching the infected arm rest, seat or door handle.

● Keep a stock of dry food and basic medicines with you so that you do not have to run to a shop incase you are hungry or sick.

● In many countries public places are closed due to coronavirus travel restrictions, so make an inquiry in advance. Make reservations for outdoor activities like a water or fun park, zoo, museums and so on. Just prior to a couple of days of your travel, make sure to call up the spots that you plan to visit and schedule the needful. This will ensure they are open when you go there.

● During your international travel, carry your recent Covid-19 negative test report. There are ever changing guidelines at airports for international passengers so better carry one. Know if there is any mandatory quarantine period of the country you are visiting.

● While conducting transactions at airports or at hotels, its advisable to do contactless payments instead of the traditional cash or check payment.

There are many important Covid-19 travel guidelines given by CDC and WHO that specify the risk must be assessed before travel. After all the calculations have been done and you have decided the type of holiday you want; here are a few recommended suggestions:

● Experts recommend getting vaccinated before you begin your travel. This will keep you and your loved ones safe even after you return. Vaccination may not ensure total freedom from contracting the virus but at least there will be lesser severity.

● When you travel you must wear a face mask all the time and even wear a face shield.

● Use sanitizer frequently and wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible. Spray sanitizer on surfaces before touching them like the doors handles, knobs, gates, ATMs, escalators or any public toilet surface that you may touch while using.

● Check with your doctor. They can properly assess the risk and immunization for the members travelling. Like if you have young children or elderly people, then they may be at higher risk. So, look for destinations that are safe for all the members of the group.

● Train your kids properly as it is very difficult for the kids to keep the nose and mouth covered with masks all the time. Advise kids to stay away from unknown people and maintain social distance all the time. Even if they do not fall ill, they can serve as carriers of the virus. So, keep them safe.

● Once you are back then you must follow isolation guidelines and also look for symptoms. It’s better to get yourself tested for Covid-19 as this will ensure the full safety of yourself and your loved ones around. If positive, isolate yourself from family members for 14 days and avoid stepping outside the room.

During the Covid-19 period, a lot of travel lovers used to visit new cities, eat out in restaurants, malls, see the latest movies in multiplexes and lived a happening outdoor life are stuck at home for long time. But one can still plan a getaway and create new memories all while ensuring safety for themselves and their family. Here we present some travel trip ideas that you can follow while planning your next adventure trip.

● Select a place that you want to travel that is not crowded. Try for an off-beat destination that you can explore as a solo traveller or with family and friends.

● Many foreign countries have put a ban on international travel to and from other nations. So, it is best to travel within your own country or go to a country where there are lesser cases of Covid-19.

● You can visit the United states or Russia or other such countries that have not imposed restrictions on foreign tourists. While you stay there, you can look for homestays where there are no or very few other guests at the same time. Also try to go in for food that is not buffet style.

● If you want a beach holiday look for a place where you can get a private beach with your intended resort. Such secluded beaches will not only ensure minimum risk but will also give your chance for bird watching, surfing all while you breath in fresh air and bask in sun.

● You can always plan a road trip with your loved ones, as they are allowed. Pre-book cabs or best a self-drive car so that you can visit all the places of interest and will not have to use the public transport. Travelling by road has not been barred, but still make sure to check up with the local authorities of the area you plan to visit.

● You can also use the option of camping as this will help you stay away from the crowd and still enjoy the company of nature and your loved ones. If you haven’t spent a night under open sky till yet, then here is an opportunity for you.


Now that you have planned a journey, we wish you all the best. Though the travel industry has been severely hit during the pandemic, they are taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe and keep the guests safe. You too must follow all the protocols of Covid -19 precautions. This will ensure the safety of everyone. While stepping out, always remember to wear a mask and use sanitizer whenever possible.

Travel to places that are safe for you and your family. If you have to travel for work then also use a face mask and avoid any public transport.

Avoid visiting any possible hotbed of Covid-19 transmission like hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants or using public transport, cabs or accommodation. You may incur more costs, but it ensures safety.

In states and countries, Covid-19 cases continue to fluctuate and as there is still a long way to 100% vaccination, till then one must continue to take precautions and follow the ever-changing guidelines.

One needs to assess the risk that travelling poses to one’s health, chance of getting infected during the journey and must know if the body can tolerate this infection or not and accordingly take the decision to travel.

Have a safe trip.

Pranav Das
Pranav Das

I’m Pranav Das, Indian Travel blogger & Reputation Management Expert by profession and lover of world cultures, languages, souls, mountains, oceans, and wild spaces.

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  1. Well if I consider all those reminders, one cannot really travel worry free. Travel will not be the same with restriction on your movement. But I guess this is really the new normal.

    • It’s a personal choice,If one wants travel then make sure to follow all guidelines & take precautions but if someone wants to wait till everything is normal then forget travelling for next 1-2 years cause I Don’t think things gonna get normal before that

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