10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

They say that lakes are God’s gift to mankind, and it proves that’s not far from the truth as people have always been attracted by these natural watery wonders many of which are breathtakingly stunning. Besides the visual enchantment they provide us with, there’s something about their beauty that puts our body or soul at comfort, solace and tranquility.

Some of these lakes are impressive thanks to their location, depth or clarity. Here’s a list of 10 most beautiful lakes in the world. If you cannot enjoy them from a cable car, a castle tower, a trailhead or a boat, at least you can take delight in viewing the pictures below.

Plitvice Lake, Croatia

1. Plitvice Lake, Croatia

Located in the National Park of Croatia, Plitvice Lake actually comprises 16 blue-green lakes that are connected through dozens of waterfalls. The Plitvice Lake is surrounded by the Mala Kapela Mountain, the Dinaric Alps, and the Plejesvica Mountain.

You’ll find not only lakes but also mountains, waterfalls, and caves which make the place a piece of heaven. The 16 lakes have distinct colors that range from azure to green, blue or gray.

As mentioned earlier, the Plitvice Lake is not just a lake but a unique mixture of natural wonders. The tallest waterfall is 230-foot-high and is called the Big Waterfall or Veliki Slap.While enjoying this stunning natural scenery, you might also see wildcats, boars, wolves, deer, and bears.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

2. Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you want to get the good stuff when it comes to lakes, then you must necessarily head to Slovenia and its Bled Lake. This is located in the Upper Carniola region and has been named after the royal and mystical Bled Castle situated on the edge of a 460-foot-high cliff.

There are mountains everywhere: the Karavanke range and the Julian Alps, and besides these you’ll get to see a tiny Bled Island that is home to the 17th century Church of the Assumption which features a baroque clock tower. In order to reach the Church, you’ll have to board a pletna boat to take you there. Once you’re on the island, ring the church bell and make a wish before going back to the mainland.

The Bled Lake is only 35 miles away from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. In case you want to see it, you can go for one of the three hotels located in the northern part of the lake. If you find the weather a bit chilly, then you can have a warm in the pools that were built around natural thermal springs.

Peyto Lake, Canada

3. Peyto Lake, Canada

Winding 142 miles through the Canadian Rockies, the Peyto Lake is located in the Baniff National Park, Canada. During summers, the lake receives clear water supplies from the Peyto Glacier that melts. The rock granules flowing in the waters give the lake a brilliant turquoise color that makes it look more like a warm-weather paradise. You can reach the lake from Icefields Parkway and view it from Bow Summit. It’s worth every second.

Loch Lomond, Scotland

4. Loch Lomond, Scotland

Scotland’s largest freshwater lake, Loch Lomond is 39 km long and from 1.2 to 8 km wide. Surrounded by medieval castles and rolling hills, the lake seems to be taken out of a Victorian romance novel. What makes the lake even more interesting is that there are more than 30 islands. Some of them are small and they just disappear when the water levels increase. Others are big enough to be inhabited by a small number of people.

Tourists will have the possibility to see a 7th-century monastery as well as the 14th century Lennox Castle. Loch Lomond has been declared the 5th most beautiful natural wonder in Britain.

Lake Garda, Italy

5. Lake Garda, Italy

Halfway between Milano and Venice, Lake Garda is one of the most important touristic spots in Italy. Being Italy’s largest lake, Garda and its shoreline are divided between Trentino, Brescia and Verona. You can access the lake quite easily from the Brenner Pass and if you want to get the best aerial views of Garda, then you should board a cable car up to Mount Baldo.

The shores of the lake are home to many exclusive hotels, resort towns, hot springs as well as to 28 miles of pebbly beaches. It is recommended to stay in one of the many small towns from the lake’s southern shore if you’re looking for full relaxation.

Crater Lake, United States

6. Crater Lake, United States

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the Unites States and was formed after the explosion of a 12,000-foot-high volcano in the Cascade Range that left behind a massive pit. The lake is surrounded by 2,000-foot-high cliffs and evergreen forests, and its sapphire-blue colored waters are 1,943 feet deep.

If you’re not into cross-country skiing or winter hiking, then it is recommended to visit the lake during summer. There’s a 33-mile road that encircles the lake, and that offers perfect views for pictures. If you intend to dive in, then you should know that the water temperature seldom reaches more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you have planned a Crater Lake day trip, then you can rent a hotel room in Bend which is 112 miles away from the lake.


7. Sheosar Lake, Deosai Plains, Pakistan

Meaning “blind lake,” the Sheosar Lake is a must-see if you want to fully relax, soothe your soul and enjoy the fresh breezes. Famous for the beautiful lush green plains that surround it, the lake is located at an elevation of 4,142m (13,589 feet) in the northern part of Pakistan, more precisely in Deosai National Part. The “blind lake” is 1.8 km wide and 2.3 km long.

Lake Malawi

8. Lake Malawi, Malawi

Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa and is situated at the crossroads of Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique, being about 50 miles wide and 363 miles long. There are around 1,000 fish species flowing in the water, and the star of them is a native freshwater fish known as mbuna. This eats directly from people’s hands. The water is so clear that you’ll be able to see what’s swimming beneath you.

The southern section of the lake called Cape Maclear is the first freshwater national park in the world. It’s also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites making the perfect base when exploring the lake area.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

9. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Located at the foot of three big conical volcanoes, Lake Atitlan is almost a mile up in Guatemala’s highlands. The lake is surrounded by small Mayan villages and steep hills that are home to 800 plant species.

The maximum depth is about 340 meters which makes the lake be the deepest in Central America. This should not be confused with Lake Amatitlan, which is located 16 km southeast of Antigua. Its volcanic origin has made the lake be known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

10. Lake Geneva, Switzerland and France

Lake Geneva is the largest one in Western Europe and is located on the territories of both France and Switzerland. More precisely 60% of the lake surface comes under the jurisdiction of Switzerland and 40% under France.

Lake Geneva is a glacial lake with a crescent shape and lies on the course of Rhone. The place is a major tourist destination especially during August when Paris shuts down, and many French people come here to relax and enjoy activities like the yacht racing.

10 Most Beautiful Lakes on Earth

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