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Top Countryside Destinations in United Kingdom 1
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Top Countryside Destinations in United Kingdom

Even though London is a very appealing and attractive destination for most tourists yet if you go to a British countryside then you probably will find something in it that you won’t find in London – the scenic far…

10 Most Beautiful Lakes
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10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

They say that lakes are God’s gift to mankind, and it proves that’s not far from the truth as people have always been attracted by these natural watery wonders many of which are breathtakingly stunning. Besides the visual enchantment…

3 Most Exciting, Exotic and Diverse Countries of Asia 2
Travel Asia

3 Most Exciting, Exotic and Diverse Countries of Asia

Asia is the largest continent in today’s world and probably one of the most beautiful continents as well. It is beautiful because of the variety of things, places, and experiences this continent has to offer to the world. Wherever…

Controling Weight While Vacationing 3
Travel Tips

Controling Weight While Vacationing

Controlling your weight while vacationing can be done. I put the tips I have listed below into place while cruising for 12 nights and being gone from home a total of 15 days And guess what, I came home 4 pounds lighter…

Jaipur The Land of the Brave 4
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Jaipur The Land of the Brave

The city of Jaipur is an epitome of royalty and majesty. The splendid capital is the jewel of the enigmatic land of Rajasthan. The city is popularly known as ‘Pink City’ and is situated in the golden triangle of…

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Top Five Holiday Destinations for 2016

Given that we’re now in May, it’s likely that the majority of us have started to cast our minds towards the long-awaited summer months; after all, for most, the summer signifies the start of a well-earned and much-needed break.…