5 Reasons Why I Love Long Term World Travel

I’m buzzing about travel at the moment because I have just gotten back from a trip and in a couple of days I’m off to another destination. I’ll talk some more about that in another post, but in this one I wanted to talk quickly about what it is about traveling the world that I find so appealing.

Now it sounds a bit of a no-brainer, but in my experience it is often the unexpected bits that I enjoy the most and sometimes the bits you think you’ll enjoy the most are the most disappointing.

Seeing Incredible Landscapes

The world is a beautiful place, in fact that’s what this entire blog is about, so it seems fitting to put this sub heading first.

It’s the main driver behind my own travels – seeing all of the wonderful lakes, rivers, mountains, beaches and all sorts of other surprises along the way. In particular I like the green countries, the diversity of life and it’s abundance.

Another thing that I love is how much some countries surprise me – think Africa is dry and lifeless? Think again. Think Eastern Europe is cold and boring? It’s actually full of character, sites and culture – not to mention tasty food…

Getting Into The Culture

Travel is all about people really. If the planet was empty then I’ve no doubt that traveling around it would still be fun – but not half as much.

I don’t generally think of myself as being a big fan of culture, that’s not the main driver for my traveling, but time and time again I surprise myself. Every new country I visit is full of surprises and evening just crossing one border brings new attitudes and interesting ways of life.

Enjoying All Sorts Of Food

Now, this is one point I do love – the food. I wouldn’t call myself a true foody, but it’s hard not to love having the opportunity to try foods from all over the world. Before I started my travels I thought of different continents as having their own cuisine, but now I know that every region is subtly different from the last.

Thai food for instance is different than Malaysia or Indonesian. Moroccan food uses a lot of root vegetables and butter, while Greek food is all about salad, olive oil and plenty of Hummus. And if you like Indian takeaway, you might be intrigued to know that India has 29 different states, each with its own unique flavors and dishes.

All The Money You Save

The current plan is that I will be traveling around Asia for about 6 months – the cost of moving around will be about $1,500 and I am expecting to spend about $300 a month while I am there.

I don’t know about you, but living at home costs me more than that.

What’s fun is that when you are in some of the most beautiful places in the world, with some of the best food on offer you can live like a millionaire without having to spend very much at all. It’s brilliant fun!

Getting Some Time To Relax

Ever been on vacation for a week and found that as soon as you arrive, you are already dreading going home? Well, when you stop vacationing and start traveling you don’t have to worry about that. Long term travel is by it’s nature relaxing just so long as you learn to relax.

Learning to take your travels at a relaxed pace, with no definite destination or end date is about the most relaxing thing you can do… It’s a unique feeling, and I really do recommend it!

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