7 Best Places to Enjoy Your Christmas Holiday

1. Reykjavik, Iceland


To feel the peculiarities of the Christmas, Reykjavik has it.

Among those peculiarities, Santa will be giving 13 gifts to 13 nicest children leading to Christmas day.

There is also special Christmas festival in Reykjavik welcoming Christmas.

It was a very exciting place to visit on Christmas day The place where you feel the sensation of warm air in the city and see the snowflakes falling in the area.

You can also see how beautiful waterfalls and geysers in northern Europe.

While at night, go to the center of the city, you will see celebration and festival that attract you to stay there.

2.Tokyo, Japan

tokyo on christmas night

Tokyo has the special celebration welcoming Christmas day.

The celebration will be held luxurious with the Christmas lamp along the Tokyo road.

Christmas light is the attraction of the tourists to visit Tokyo on Christmas day.

Just feel the atmosphere in the Christmas night; you will feel so much better in Tokyo.

One of the peculiarities in Tokyo in Christmas night is making fried chicken with the addition of tart and strawberry.

3.Salt Spring Island, Canada.

Salt Spring Island

This place is so suitable for you who wanna feel something different on Christmas night.

Salt Spring Island is a special place for hiking and camping.

Something different doing hiking and camping on Christmas day, and completed with a traditional beverage from local citizen your Christmas day will be very memorable in Salt Spring Island, Canada.

4.Dublin, Ireland

Dublin during Christmas

This is becoming one of the main destinations to visit for many people all around the world on Christmas Day.

Many celebrations and the unique festival will be held in Ireland It is normal if Dublin will be crowded with tourists in the Christmas holiday.

The festival included the pantomime show, the amazing Christmas light, ice skating, bazaar for you who likes shopping.

Saint Patrick Cathedral is the main focus there.

5.New York, USA.

New York City on Christmas Night

New York has the other beauty Christmas night for you.

In the early December, the biggest Christmas tree will be set in Rockefeller Center to light up the city.

The Nutcracker will be the other show that you will see in the Christmas holiday in New York.

New York party will be starting in the early December to welcoming Christmas eve and new year.

So, see the calendar event in New York to make sure in what time you will be visiting.

Many celebrations you don’t wanna miss.

6.Nuremberg, Germany

nuremberg on christmas

To feel the romantic Christmas night, Nuremberg is the nice place for you.

The light of the Christmas tree will light up the night.

Many shops open to serve you with the peculiarities of Germany sausage in the Christmas.

It will complete with the spiced beverage as the uniqueness of Nuremberg.

With your couple, Nuremberg will impress you.



Every year, residents open shutters, and sometimes garage doors to display their holy crib confections to the public.

Downtown Valletta is being a home to a lively Christmas spirit.

With carolers singing outside the Saint John Cathedral during Advent.

Christmas lights light up the Republic street.

The Manoel Theater is popular for its annual Christmas pantomime, with the different theme every year.


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