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Best Things To Do in Denver

Best Things To Do in Denver

There’s so much to see in Denver, Colorado! But if you’ve only got limited time (and budget!) then this list can help you comb through all those possibilities and create an itinerary where you see the best the city has to offer. This list of Denver attractions also gives you a good variety of sights. You’ll also get tips on how to make the most of your vacation.
Denver Red Rocks - Best Things To Do in Denver

Best of Nature

The Red Rocks Park and Ampitheater is truly breathtaking. These amazing rock formation developed over 250 million years, so the hiking trails will make you feel like you’re walking deeper and deeper into the Earth’s prehistoric history.

Denver Botanic Gardens - Best Things To Do in DenverAnother great attraction is the Denver Botanic Gardens. Even those who aren’t particularly interested in gardens will be amazed by the huge variety of plant species—32,000, and counting!
Denver Art Museum - Best Things To Do in Denver

Best Museum

If you’re an art lover you’ll enjoy the Denver Art Museum. But if paintings aren’t your thing, try the Denver Museum of Nature & Science—full of educational exhibits and over a thousand pieces collected from all around the world.
Denver Zoo - Best Things To Do in Denver

Best Kids Attraction

Denver Zoo will delight kids and parents alike! You’ll meet over 4,000 animals from different eco-systems.  Kids may also like the Elich Gardens Theme Park. It’s the perfect combination of relaxing, gorgeous gardens and hair-raising rides. So mom and dad can take a leisurely, romantic stroll through its picturesque walkways, while the kids try out the different rides and compete on who can scream the loudest! (You can also check out other kid-friendly attractions in Denver and decide what’s most age-appropriate.)
16 Street Mall - Best Things To Do in Denver

Best Shopping

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, or an affordable restaurant, the 16th Street Mall will have what you need. Its home to both nationwide chains like Barnes & Noble to local boutiques that showcase local crafts and brands. The mall also has recreational facilities like movie theaters and bowling alleys.
Washington Park - Best Things To Do in Denver

Best Outdoor Fun

Denver’s Washington Park sprawls over 165 acres. It’s a favorite among running and hiking enthusiasts, since its trails lead through interesting rock formations, past scenic lakes, and past one of the most luxurious gardens in the city.

Tips For The Busy Traveler

First of all, don’t try to see everything. Some sights (such as a museum or a trip to the park or zoo) will take half a day, and you’re not going to enjoy yourself if you’re rushing off to the next item on your itinerary. Just decide what most interests you or your family, and include enough diversity in your itinerary so you do different things each day.

Second of all, rest well. There are many excellent Denver hotels that are conveniently located and provide spacious rooms and comfortable amenities. They’re worth an extra penny if you wake up energized and ready for a full day of sightseeing.

Third, dress for comfort. Good shoes, practical clothes, a generous slathering of sunblock, and a big water bottle can help prevent the fatigue (or worse, heat stroke and sunburn) that can quickly draw your sightseeing to an unhappy close.

Best Things To Do in Denver  - Best Things To Do in Denver

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