Discover and Embrace the Panoramic Splendor of Switzerland

If you want to enjoy your vacations in a calm, relaxing and exceptionally dazzling place then Switzerland is the right choice for you. This “Land of the Alps” is located near France, Germany, Italy and Australia; it offers most stunning views of Panoramic Alps, Fascinating Valleys, and most alluring lakes. Stop wasting your time in pondering and plan a Swiss vacation for you and your loved ones to unleash and capture the panoramic magnificence of Switzerland.



Take a look below for the top tourist attractions in Switzerland and plan your visit without wasting a second thought.

The Matterhorn, Zermatt is the most well-known peak in the Alps stands 4,478 meters high. Rock climbers usually visit this town to conquer this technically challenging peak. Zermatt stands out as one of the most famous tourist attraction in Switzerland because the mountain village of Zermatt is one of the great ski and climbing centers of the world. There are also non-skiing activities, best restaurants, and lots of energetic nightlife if you want some vitality in your trip.



The Chillon Castle also known as the Chateau de Chillon is one of the most famous castles in Switzerland. Located on the seashore of Geneva it has three courtyards and four great halls which offers splendid view of the lake beyond. Apart from this beautiful castle you can find world’s tallest fountain, fascinating museums, and finest restaurants in Geneva.

If you want to enjoy the wildlife and view of splendid mountains then Swiss National Park is an idyllic place for you. It is 169 square kilometers of mountains and woodland. It is a home to variety of wild life such as Red Deer, Chamois, Ibexes, and Marmots. Walk around its trails and admire its awe-inspiring views.



Discover the alluring sights of the largest waterfall of Europe “The Rhine Falls” located in the town of Schaffhausen. You can enjoy its stunning views from different platforms, or take a boat ride around the falls themselves. Near the falls is the Medieval Castle, Schoss Laufen, which houses a restaurant, a youth hostel and shops.



Unravel the beauty of Lake Geneva Europe’s largest and worlds most attractive and gorgeous tourist destination. It lies between Switzerland and France, 60% owned by Swiss and 40% owned by France. Lake Geneva looks like a crescent moon if viewed from above you can take the private boat tour for the best views.

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