10 Great Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Spain

If you’re debating whether to go to Spain for your next holiday, here are 10 great reasons for visiting Spain – whether you choose a break in the vibrant cities or relax on Spain’s world famous Costas or it’s sunny islands beaches.

1. Majorca

Majorca is home to some of Europe’s biggest, most hedonistic clubbing resorts. But away from the lively nightlife of Palma Nova and Magaluf, Majorca boasts stunning, quieter beach resorts. Visit Majorca for the traditional ‘Releasing of the Ducks’ and ‘Night of Fire’ festivals as well as the impressive Super Yacht Regatta in June.

2. Canary Islands

This fascinating group of islands off the west coast of Spain each have their own individual personality – from the white sand windsurfing beaches in Fuerteventura to the popular Tenerife holiday resorts, the black volcanic sands of La Gomera to the party nightlife of Lanzarote. The Canary Islands offer an unlimited amount of reasons to choose holidays to Spain.

3. The Costas

With nearly 9.5 million visitors in 2015, the Spanish coasts are looking to be a popular choice again for Spanish holidays. From the large tourist complexes in Costa del Sol to the quaint towns and villages of Costa de la Luz, the coasts of Spain are perfect for both big and small trips in the Spanish sun.

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4. Barcelona

Spain’s colourful, energetic city is home to an eclectic mix of museums, galleries, bars and restaurants and is famous for its impressive Gothic and Classical buildings and Gaudi architecture.  Escape on a break to Barcelona in January and you will enjoy the Three Kings Parade – a great Christmas festival for the family.

5. La Tomatina

The next La Tomatina in Valencia takes place in August. This famous ‘tomato fight’ is spectacular to watch as well as to take part in. This messy but fun tradition occurs every August, and a “top tip” is to wear a white t-shirt to get as much contrast between you and the tomatoes as possible in your photos!

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6. Blue Flag Beaches

Spain’s coasts are famous for their blue flag beaches, and they duly attracted the largest amount of Spain’s tourists in the last year. Sun worshippers and sea lovers both will enjoy the long golden sandy shores and crystal clear blue waters, perfect for sunbathing, diving, boating and water sports holidays.

7. Cities

The cities of Spain, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona are synonymous with vivacity, culture, great food, and adventure. And with exciting events lined up for the year ahead, including the wine festivals in September, Barcelona’s summer Festival and Madrid’s San Isidro festival in May.

8. Climate

An obvious one when holidays to Spain are talked about. The weather in Spain is one of the top reasons it’s such a popular holiday destination. You can find warm weather year round in Spain, depending on where you go, and you’ll certainly get your fill of summer hear during the peak season. But it’s not just warm; Spain is invariably sunny, perfect for sun worshippers!

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9. Flamenco

Flamenco folk music is alive in Spain now just as much as it was centuries ago. Impromptu Flamenco shows can be seen at weddings and in taverns, but the best Flamenco shows can be seen in Madrid and Seville theatres.

10. Tapas

Traditional Spanish tapas are a great culinary experience to enjoy on in Spain. In February, Seville’s restaurants will take part in their annual Tapas Festival – trying to outdo one another with a huge range of traditional or contemporary twists on this famous Spanish dish.

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