How to Become a Digital Nomad with a Family

Have you ever looked around at your life – the 9-to-5 grind, the suburban home, the routine – and thought “There has to be more to life than this”? I’ve been there, my friend. A few years back, I was stuck in a cubicle, dreaming of exotic lands and adventures beyond my boring daily commute.

That’s when I discovered this crazy thing called being a “digital nomad”. Basically, you use the internet and some portable tech to work from anywhere in the world. No office, no boundaries – just you, a laptop, and the open road.

At first, it seemed too good to be true. How could somebody actually make a living while constantly traveling? Isn’t that just a ridiculously impractical pipe dream? But the more I looked into it, the more legit it became.

Now, you’ve probably heard about solo digital nomads like myself – freelance writers, graphic designers, web developers, online marketers and such leveraging that location-independence business model to fuel our never-ending travels. But doing it as a family unit? That’s some next-level wanderlusting right there.

I’m talking mom, dad, the young’uns, maybe even crazy uncle Larry if he gets his act together. They’re all hitting the road together as one traveling troop, going full digital nomad family mode. Crazy, right?

Instead of being stuck putting down roots in one place, these clans are constantly on the move, discovering awesome new towns, cultures and experiences pretty much whenever they feel like it. The kids don’t even have to change schools – they just fire up their laptops or tablets wherever they’re parked and join their online classes virtually. How’s that for an education?

Meanwhile, the parentals are running their own remote businesses, scrambling to hit deadlines from whichever Airbnb, beach bungalow or mountain chalet they’ve hunkered down at that month. Maybe mom’s a virtual assistant and dad’s a coder – as long as they’ve got WiFi, all that jazzy nomad fam fun can be fueled from literally anywhere their wanderlust hearts desire.

Bali one month, plotting their next adventure over tropical cocktails. The Swiss Alps the next, cranking out their online work with those killer mountain views for inspiration. All while expanding those kiddos’ horizons by experiencing the world beyond textbooks. It’s like one brutally epic, real-life field trip – just without the smelly bus!

As a way of life, it offers some incredible benefits:

  • Exposure to diverse cultures and global experiences from an early age
  • Strengthened family time and bonds
  • Interest-based, customized education for kids
  • Developing adaptability and life skills

Clearly, leading this unconventional lifestyle requires some preparation and lifestyle design. But for digitally savvy and adventurous families, it unlocks amazing opportunities.

Let’s explore in detail how families can embrace long-term travel powered by remote income!

What is a Digital Nomad Family?

To understand this unique concept, let’s quickly recap what the term “digital nomad” stands for. Essentially, a digital nomad works in some form of remote capacity while constantly traveling instead of living in one fixed location.

Some common ways digital nomads earn their income include:

  • Freelancing remotely in areas like writing, graphic design, social media management etc
  • Running fully online businesses that generate automated or commission based income
  • Having a permanent remote arrangement with tech companies or firms

Digital nomads leverage the power of the internet & mobility to disconnect work from a physical office space. They can log in from a quiet beach resort in Bali or a cozy mountain cabin thousands of miles from headquarters!

Now take this same idea and extend it to an entire family!

A digital nomad family is basically one big, wanderlusting tribe that doesn’t believe in putting down roots anywhere.

Mom, dad, the kiddos and maybe uncle Larry or uncle Gupta if he gets his life together – they’re all permanently on the road together, changing home bases every few months like it’s no big deal. No mortgages, no permanent addresses, just a crew of adventure addicts crisscrossing the globe wherever their nomadic hearts desire.

Unlike normal families tied to one neighborhood and school system, these location rebels do things a bit differently…See, the ‘rents are rocking some ultra-flexible remote gigs that let them earn from literally anywhere with a half-decent wifi signal. Maybe dad’s a web developer, mom’s an e-commerce guru – it doesn’t matter, as long as they can keep that digital nomad income flowing from Airbnbs, beach bungalows and mountain chalets around the planet.

And instead of being trapped in one school from K-12 like the rest of us poor desk-bound suckers, the kids get an education you could only dream of. We’re talking:

  • Accredited online schools they can Zoom into from hostels in Hanoi
  • Homeschooling curriculums hand-crafted by mom and dad
  • Or even totally freeform, unschooling passion projects and interest-based learning

Yeah, you read that right – this nomadic lifestyle lets little James or Rahul go full-on self-guided at age 6 if that’s his jam!

While the other kids are stuck in soulless classrooms dreaming of summer break, these nomadic youngsters are living the dream every single day. Learning about Ancient Greek history by walking among the ruins themselves. Studying marine biology up-close and personal while snorkeling with sea turtles.

It’s an unconventional, borderless education that would make any trapped corporate worker insanely jealous.

So in a nutshell, digital nomad families trade in the shackles of office jobs, mortgages and standard schooling for…One brutally epic, never-ending series of adventures fueled by location-independent income sources and creative education entrepreneurship. Sure, it’s a totally crazy way to live. But for those with an insatiable case of wanderlust, could you really imagine a more fulfilling existence?

Excited by the prospects? Let’s explore the benefits to help fuel your motivation further!

Man Putting Canoe on Van Roof

Benefits of the Digital Nomad Family Lifestyle

Globetrotting as a family powered by mobile technology and remote jobs may sound exotic, but is it all just novelty without substance?

Far from it! This lifestyle design offers some incredible perks:

Cultural Exposure Through Extended Stays

Unlike brief 1 or 2 week family vacations, digital nomad families spend months at a time experiencing destinations across the globe. By renting apartments locally and establishing daily routines, the exposure moves beyond tourist attractions to genuinely living embedded within different cultures.

Kids absorb alternative worldviews early on, while parents also broaden their perspectives. It’s a vibrant change from just reading about historical sites to actually strolling ancient neighborhood ruins on runs!

Strengthened Family Bonds

Without grind of long office commutes and trying to balance household chores, parents get to invest quality time with each other and their kids. The lifestyle facilitates shared adventures and unique memories together.

Rather than just defective interactions in the mornings and exhausted evenings, travel adventures become a joint family pursuit.

Promotes Adaptability in Kids

By continuously exploring new environments as opposed to a predictable routine, kids (and parents!) quickly learn to adapt. Meeting new people, trying different foods and learning foreign languages becomes commonplace.

This mental flexibility and resilience prepares them well for adulthood by expanding their horizons beyond what any conventional classroom can provide.

Potential Cost Savings

Choosing to temporarily base in more affordable countries allows stretching budgets further. Costs getting locked into mortgages or expenses like cars can be avoided. Plus families can run location-independent online businesses!

Customized, Interest Based Education for Kids

Whether going the accredited online schooling route, trying unschooling communities or a mix – education gets tailored to a child’s needs and curiosity rather than following a one-size-fits-all structure.

Learning through real-world exploration cements concepts they may have only read about previously. Kids dictate topics they want to deeply dive into, augmented by rich firsthand experiences.

Of course, seizing all these advantages does come with compromises…

Choosing such an unconventional path to living and learning has its fair share of struggles families must reflect on. The digital nomad lifestyle can certainly not be forced upon every child’s personality or interests.

But for digitally savvy and adventurous families – the pros can definitely outweigh the cons!

Best Places for Digital Nomad Families

Once you’ve decided to take the leap into this lifestyle, the critical question follows – where to go?

Luckily, there are amazing destinations across continents suited for digital nomad families:

Key Factors to Consider

When evaluating locations, critical factors to research include:

  • Internet connectivity – To enable remote work and online schooling
  • Cost of living – To make budgets stretch further through frugal living
  • Family friendly activities – For kids to socialize and enjoy downtime
  • Existing nomad/expat community – For networking and social opportunities
  • Visa rules – Some offer long term stays for remote workers

Of course personal criteria like weather preferences, cuisine, ease of transport etc also play a role.

Top Global Destinations

Here are some curated suggestions spanning Europe, the Americas and Asia:


With its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes and lower cost of living – Mexico is a favorite among digital nomad families.

Top picks include artsy Mexico City with museums and historic sites to enchant kids or smaller towns like San Miguel de Allende with cozy cafes and charm. The large expat presence makes social connections easier.


For European allure, Portugal boasts amazing culture, food and Old World architecture. Coastal cities like Lisbon offer a great pace of living alongside Atlantic views. Historical sites and tram networks leave kids awe-struck. Lower costs compared to other European hubs help funds go further.


In Southeast Asia, Thailand continues to be a go-to hub for digital nomads thanks to modern amenities meeting historic beauty in cities like Chiang Mai. It offers family-friendly activities like cooking classes, temple tours and interactions with elephants! Low rents stretch accommodation budgets too.

The options span continents – whether you envision road tripping across South American rainforests, discovering storybook European villages or venturing into Asian night markets – there’s a destination for every travel style and family preference!

Of course, seamlessly balancing travel adventures with remote jobs/schooling takes some work. Let’s go over how families can set themselves up for success in this non-traditional lifestyle.

Preparing for the Lifestyle

Executing an unconventional vision like traveling indefinitely as a family supported by online income streams requires diligent preparation. Here are crucial areas future digital nomad families need to work on:

Build Location Independent Income

Having adequate monthly income form the foundation. Benchmark to have around $3000 per month as baseline to cover housing, food, transport and other costs comfortably across international destinations.

Explore income streams like freelancing, launching online businesses or seeking full-time remote work arrangements in advance.

And be sure to have at least 6 months worth of living expenses in savings before taking off to help weather seasons of lower income.

Research Laws and Visa Constraints

When crossing international borders, be aware of limitations around legal stays. Many desired countries offer only 60-90 days on a tourist visa.

However certain destinations like Mexico, Croatia, Costa Rica etc now have specialized digital nomad visas allowing stays as long as 1-2 years – which better facilitates blending travel with remote work.

Optimize Finances

Get paperworks like insurance, bank accounts and payment systems in order. International transfer services like Wise offer better foreign transaction fees & exchange rates.

Pay off existing loans or credit cards to minimize financial baggage before embarking. And leverage travel credit cards, index funds etc to grow savings.

Downsize Possessions

To enable long term travel, families need to downsize belongings to fit essentials into suitcases and backpacks. Make use of self-storage spaces to keep cherished items. Scan and digitize things like documents to keep them accessible without having to carry physical copies everywhere.

Pick Suitable Schooling

Carefully review accredited online schooling options like International K-12 schools as well as less conventional approaches like unschooling communities. Gather teaching resources in advance for homeschooling routes.

With some strategic planning and preparation across these areas, families can design a life centered around adventure, cultural discovery and deepened connections!

Day to Day Life on the Move

So what does everyday life actually look like for families shattering geographical barriers? Here are some typical elements:

Work/Life Balance

With no office commutes eating mornings and evenings, remote work schedules can fluidly blend with family time. When logged in for calls or focused project blocks, parents trade off caring for kids.

Shared experiences happen in pockets between deep work sprints – perhaps squeezed between morning meditation, testing a new lunch recipe together for the family meal and then managing household logistics.

Coworking spaces allow balancing community and camaraderie with productivity.

Adapted Routines

Beyond just coordinating calendars, the lifestyle also leads families to discover adapted routines that best enable productivity, bonding and adventures together.

This could translate to routines like:

  • Morning meals together and household coordination
  • Defined deep work sessions for parents
  • Kids mix online learning sprints with offline activities
  • Exploring the region’s key attractions or cultural experiences
  • Reconvening in evenings for family dinners, games nights or movie marathons!

Through trial and error, unique rhythms emerge that sync remote work, education and travel.

Local Community Building

To avoid isolation and experience destinations more profoundly, families prioritize creating local connections in their temporary homes.

This happens through channels like:

  • Getting to know extended stay hosts
  • Making new friends at co-living setups or coworking spaces
  • Meeting other traveling families open to collaborating
  • Attending community events, classes and gatherings

As bonds develop in each destination, global perspectives expand even more!

Of course, the lifestyle does not come without its struggles…navigating unfamiliar transit systems with kids in tow, language barriers inhibiting deeper connections, flaky WiFi during video calls etc.

But by anchoring routines in family time while working flexibly, digital nomad families discover an enriched experience of the world together!

Toward New Beginnings

So there you have it – a blueprint covering all aspects of how modern families can leverage online income streams and schooling to embrace borderless lifestyles centered around adventure, cultural immersion and deepened family bonding!

The coming years are sure to see this concept gathering even more momentum as the stale routines and geographical limitations of conventional education models push families to seek out self-directed alternatives aligned with their values and aspirations.

Digital nomad families remain pioneering but technology and shifting mindsets promise to keep propelling the movement forward!

Whether you currently envision setting up shop under the Eiffel Tower, discovering the ancient history of Rome’s cobbled lanes or sampling the nightlife of bustling Asian megacities – with some preparation, these unconventional career and learning pathways promise to expand access to the world’s awe and wonder more than ever!

Strap in and get ready for the ride. Your perfectly personalized adventure awaits!

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