Tips On Planning Your Vacation To Cherish It Forever

People love to travel places. Exploring the unknown helps in distressing, exploring new avenues, knowing new people and learning the unfamiliar.

In order to make your journey hassle free, plan it wisely. Follow the below-mentioned tips to avoid disappointment during your holiday trip.

There are some basic tips which one must follow to avoid falling prey to an unwanted situation. Read below to know more about it.

Things to keep in mind while planning

  • Select your holiday destination properly. Research on the internet and select the finest holiday spot. Remember, your trip will revive and recharge your life. So plan well to make every moment a memorable experience of your life.
  • Check online booking system and follow the rules and regulations adequately. Be extra careful about booking your tickets, hotel room, and transport if you have planned a family holiday.

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  • Book in advance to get the best accommodation. Check the hotel security system if you are travelling alone.
  • Carry all documents, which includes your identity proof, booking receipt, passport, credit cards, money, license, traveller’s check etc. Besides the original do carry extra copies of the document. Keep these documents safely.
  • Keep the number and contact details of the Embassy, in case you face any legal issue, just get in touch with them immediately.

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  • Do not forget to take care of your luggage. Label it properly. Write your name, address and contact information so that in case it is lost, the person can quickly contact you.
  • Carry maps and guide books to help you in navigation.
  • Contact only the licensed guides to avoid falling prey to disloyal people.
  • Follow the check in and check out times as laid by the hotel.

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  • Always carry comfortable clothes while you are travelling. Pack clothes wisely, for e.g outfit you should select for a beach vacation will be completely different from that of a vacation in a hill station. Your selection must suit the weather condition of the place.
  • Keep a medical kit to help you in an emergency situation.Things you should avoid while travelling
  • Trust only the government sites, or recognized sites when you are booking your trip.


  • Do not take help from strangers. Contact the Airport help desk if needed.
  • A single woman must avoid travelling out of the hotel at night.
  • Avoid eating at a stranger’s place.
  • Don’t forget to take your identity proofs like a passport.

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  • Do not quarrel at an unknown place.
  • Do not drink excessively.
  • Avoid carrying or wearing valuables.

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  • Avoid buying tickets or booking site seeing trips from unauthorized person.
  • Avoid packing excessively. Pack only what you need.
  • Do not trust a stranger.

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Thus, follow the tips mentioned above and make your trip a lifetime moment. Carry your camera to click photos with your family and friend. Click at memorable places and enjoy every single moment of your vacation. It’s time you relieve every every single moment of your journey and return fresh and rejuvenated to your mundane daily life in your city.

People love to travel places. Exploring the unknown helps in distressing, exploring new avenues, knowing new people and learning the unfamiliar.
Pranav Das
Pranav Das

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