Top Breath Taking Attractions in Cayman Islands

Attractions At The Cayman Islands

If you are a leisure traveler who enjoys the experience of unique destinations, then you will certainly love the Cayman Islands. This unique destination offers you an amazing breed of natural wonders, signature experiences and cultural treasures. If you have never been to the Cayman Islands, and you are wondering where to start, here are some of the top attractions you might want to start with:


1. The Cayman Crafts market

If you have just landed at the Cayman’s, what better way to begin your holiday experience than to shop for a few cool items. You should start with the Cayman Crafts ever-busy market for some local crafts and other necessary items. The market is sited within a short stretch off the famous Cayman dock. It is right at the intersection of South Church Street and Boilers Road. The market opens five days a week, every weekday from dusk to sunset. Carry enough money just in case you like more things than you had anticipated.


2. Pedro St. James historic site

It would be rude for a visitor to go to such an amazing destination and not learn the history of the place. The Pedro St. James historic site is certainly the place depicting the origin of the islands. This attraction lies in a seven-acre land, with a Great House at its core. This castles was the first considerable home built here and has served various roles including a plantation house, jail, courthouse, seat of the governor and even as a restaurant. The house now serves as a historic site and runs a 3-dimentional movie presentation of the island’s history from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening. There are other structures on the land such as the Hurricane Ivan building.


3. Stingray City is the place to be

Are you a lover of water and sea creatures? If the answer is yes, then you just cannot miss the chance of visiting the Stingray City. This destination offers you a grand chance to swim alongside your most favorite sea creature, and feel closer to nature. What makes this place unique is that it does not keep the sea creatures captive, unlike other such places. Stingrays are indigenous to North Sound sandbars. The waters are shallow, making it easier for humans to mingle safely with the harmless sea life. Visitors can choose to scuba dive, snorkel or just observe the sea life from a glass-bottom boat. You can find outfitters who run Full-day and half-day excursions. Since it is not a private attraction, any visitor with a boat can simply enjoy the sea life free.

Without a doubt, there are various other cool attractions in the Cayman Islands. However, these three are the most visited each year. Perhaps it is because they offer a well-rounded experience of the island. By the time you are through with the three, you will have learned the culture of the place, experienced the island life and taken some memories back home



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