The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide For Indians and First Timers

Bali is known as a paradise that you cannot miss if you want a complete place to go on vacation. Bali is located in a province of Indonesia and is a small island ideal for vacation and sightseeing. Touring the world is about you going to places where you can enjoy nature and find yourself.

The island language is Bahasa Indonesia, but they are also mostly fluent in English. When you stay inside the hotels on this island, you don’t have to worry. They will find a translator who will help you. You can get to Bali by plane directly or by stopover, depending on the country you come from.

Many are the Indian travelers that are visiting this amazing place. Knowing the best places in Bali is very simple if you keep reading throughout this Bali Travel Blog. Bali is the island of the gods because its settings are fascinating, leaving everyone in awe.

The first thing you will notice in Bali is the intense green colors of the rice paddies, temples, and a lot of art and culture. On the other hand, hotels do not fall short because there are several that offer wonderful views. Wild beauty is the main reason why tourists come to Bali in search of exotic adventures.

If you plan to come as a couple or alone, you will want to know the beaches where you can sunbathe and enjoy the sea. Surf sports lovers like to travel to this list thanks to the force of the waves. Bali tops the list of the world’s first places with the best affordable hotels to stay.

More than 222,516 Indian tourists visited Bali for 10 months last year.

Bali’s Most Important Temples

If you are an Indian traveller and wanted to know Bali, it is because you probably know that it is the island of the temples. At least there is a number greater than the ten thousand temples within the island, being somewhat curious. Bali Travel implies that you must know the main temples or the most visited by tourists

The most significant temples in Bali are the following:

1. UluWatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple-Voyage Nomad

This temple is famous for its construction on the tip of a rock. Thanks to the recognition of organizations, this is among the best six Hindu temples in Bali. Its measurements are 70 meters above sea level, and its view is beautiful at sunset.

When you come to this temple at sunset, you can enjoy a Balinese Kecak dance done daily. The entrance fee depends on whether or not you pay for the dance when you cancel the entrance to the temple.

– Adult: 30,000 IDR
– Child: IDR 20,000
– Tickets for the dance: 100,000 IDR.

2. Pura Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Temple-Voyage Nomad

This is a Hindu temple that you can enjoy visiting Bali and leaves many in awe. Thanks to the great popularity of this temple, many people are always getting to know all the best in the temple. On top of a large coral rock stands the construction of this temple that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

At low tide, it can be accessed; otherwise, it is not possible to enter there. At any Bali Travel Blog, you can get complete stories about this particular temple. This temple was made to worship the god Tanah Lot or better known as the sea god.

Adult: IDR 60,000
Child: 30,000 IDR
The location of this temple is in the village of Beraban, kediri Tabanan.

3. Pura Kahen

This is a temple made for everyone who likes funny stories when taking a vacation trip. In the middle of the city of Bangali stands this wonderful temple, and it is made to honor the god of home.

4. Other important Temples.

Pranav Das in Tanah Lot Temple

When speaking of more than 10,000 temples within Bali, it is difficult to specify each one. However, other important temples are:

– Ulun Danu (Dedicated to the Gods of Lakes and Rivers)
– the Sacred Forts of Tirta Empul (Created and in Honor of the God Indra)
– Taman Ayun (Temple of the Emperor)
– the Temple of Pura Besakih (History of Hindu Culture)
– Batur Temple (Dedicated to the Goddess of the Lakes)
– Goa Lawah (Protector of the Evil Spirits of the Island)

Bali’s Most Visited Beaches

Padang Beach

The turquoise color stands out on the beaches of Bali, which makes many tourists enjoy it without problems. The Bali beaches are characterized by offering exotic landscapes and very soft, white sand.

There are thousands of beaches available in Bali because it is a complete list.

However, the best-known beaches in Bali are the following:

1. The Kuta Beach

It is located in the south of the island of Bali, specifically on the Butik peninsula. This party is known as the party beach due to the frenzied musical encounters. If you like to party, this is the beach that you should choose to live better day and night experiences.

Water sports enthusiasts can also rent surfboards to enjoy the best atmosphere in Bali.

2. Jimbaran Beach

This is one of the closest to the airport, specifically to the south of it. It is a luxurious beach, especially for extreme sports such as Windsurfing. Thanks to the soft waves, this is an ideal beach for the calm baths you are looking for.

3. Sanur.

It is especially intended for people who are lovers of snorkeling or better known as underwater sports. If you are passionate about exploring the seabed, this is the ideal beach to visit. It has many shadows thanks to the palm trees that accompany the island, so it can also be a familiar place.

4. Other Important Beaches.

The most important beaches in Bali are the following:
– Legian (Beach to escape the noise of the city and have shady places)
– Padang (Reached after a walk through a temple)
– Seminyak (It is a luxurious beach thanks to the set of hotels and restaurants)
– Soka (It is a quiet beach belonging to the southeast of Denpasar)
– Bingin (Beautiful cliff landscapes)

The Most Important Volcanoes, Lakes, Waterfalls, And Hot Springs In Bali

Pranav Das in Bali

The Batur volcano and the Bratan volcano are the volcanoes that accompany the island and are ideal for visiting. From the Batur volcano, you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Bali. For its part, the Bratan volcano has a beautiful lake accompanied by a temple.

The Bali Travel are still a surprise due to the pure nature experienced there. Thanks to the natural approach, you can experience incredible waterfalls within the island as well as the lakes.

Within the most important waterfalls and lakes are:

– Goa Batu waterfall
– Gitgit waterfall
– Bunyan Lake
– Lake of Tamblingan

Most Important Towns In Bali

Within Bali is the beauty of the splendor of nature, having everything in one place. In Bali, the towns are divided into urban life and a cultural part that is essential for visitors. Among the most important towns in Bali are:

– Kuta and Legian: This is a favorite city for people who love to party due to the environment.

– Seminyak: It is a place for sightseeing and buying the most beautiful souvenirs on the island. You can also visit marine sanctuaries there.

– Denpasar: This is the capital of the island, and it has a combination of tourism and culture that you should take advantage of.

– Sanur: It is known as the queen of peace and tranquility, surrounded by beaches and cultural stories.

– Kerobokan and Canggu: They are full of sanctuaries like Tanah Lot, it also has beautiful beaches.
There are many more places to have fun in Bali that you can take advantage of if you look very carefully.

Bali Gastronomy

Pranav Das in Bali Restaurant

The Bali Travel Blogs speak very little about the gastronomy of Bali is very prestigious. A popular food in Bali is mixed with Chinese, Indian and European techniques. Each dish is exquisite and offers you a wide variety of dishes that suit your tastes.

Rice is part of the food base of this island thanks to its production. There are other typical dishes such as seafood, pork, and pasta. The gastronomy of Bali is not limiting because you can order chicken or other birds such as duck if you prefer.

Among the typical dishes are:

– Mie Goreng: It is a plate of roasted noodles with delicious spice flavors.

– Nasi Campur: This dish contains rice, vegetables, chicken, pork, eggs, and fermented soybeans. You can accompany it with spicy if you prefer.

– Nasi Goreng: It is a combination of rice with soy sauce, fried egg, fried chicken, and satay.

Details About Visas For Indians Who Want To Visit Bali.

The visa to come to Bali is easy to obtain so that as of Indian origin, you can easily get it. Thanks to the international agreements between India and Indonesia, you only need show your Indian passport,valid return tickets and sufficient funds for expenses during their stay in Indonesia For 30 days, you can be on the island without having to do a visa process.

If you want to stay for more than 30 days then Indian tourists can opt for Visa on Arrival which allows one to stay on Bali Upto 60 Days.

Final Words

Bali is a destination of beach, parties, nature, and ancient Hindu cultures that you can take advantage of to rest. Do not hesitate to visit Bali because it is a destination with many places to visit during your stay.

The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide For Indians and First Timers
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