Destinations to Explore History in Africa and Middle East

Exploring the new places and their ancient history has been a perfect choice for the travelers who are very keen to discover the truth behind the development of modern era. Some places suits perfectly to these people who have their interest in traveling these types of ancient and historical cities of the world. The places below are some of the best history and culture rendezvous which you can explore with your family or friends this weekend. 


Pyramids in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt always has been an attraction to the world because of its rich history and incomparable culture. Cairo was founded in 969 AD with some of the magnificent monuments such as 3rd-century hanging church, treasure on banks of Nile, and seven thousand years of history. Its giant pyramids, underground caves, hidden treasures, ancient mummies are the best part of its culture. Cairo provides you the full value of time which you are spending there to travel. It also has some very good hotels to accommodate you as it is one of the biggest city of Middle East. Here you can find all your answers of the world’s best architecture in the forms of pyramids which will amaze you and takes you to the new level of adventure and thrill.


Western Wall-Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

It is one of the most ancient cities of the world Jerusalem is well known for its religious culture and significant history. Travelers are always attracted to this part of the world because of its profound memorials. Some of the major sites which are best to travel when you are on a holiday here are an old city, The Wailing Wall, Holy Church of Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa and also Dome of Rock. This place has been the choice of religious pilgrims for centuries because of its exquisite religious culture. There is a lot of joy people found while walking along the streets and watching the daily life and city very nearly which makes them completely immerse in the history of this place.

Pyramid in Nile


Nile River Valley, Egypt

The Nile the lifeline of Egypt since a millennium played an important role in the development of the country. Valley of Nile contains the most ancient history just to make it a perfect historical destination to travel. This valley also has the pleasure to have world’s largest open air museum which is an extraordinary experience to watch. The toms of kings, temple at Karnak, Abu Simbel’s vast rock temples and powerful Luxor temple also make this place heaven to the travelers across the world. This valley is the magnificent historical place if you are planning to travel an ancient place this weekend with you friends.

Place Of Interest-Fes

Desert in Fes

Fes, Morocco

The great wall city of the world founded in 789 AD has all the history and culture inside it just makes it a perfect destination on the globe. A UNESCO heritage which has amazing and daring place to go around and also have the honour to be the first city in the world with a unversity named University of Al- Karaouine. This city has places like maze-like medina quarters and four imposing gates of Fes which are preserved since a very long time exceptionally well which just makes this city a perfect holiday place.

Exploring the new places and their ancient history has been a perfect choice for the travelers who are very keen to discover the truth behind the development of modern era.
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