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Discover Europe by Train

Discover Europe by Train

Traveling by train in Europe is an extremely easy and convenient way to get from one area to another. Unlike air travel, you will be able to check into most train stations in less than 15 minutes, and you will only need to be on board the train a couple of minutes before its scheduled departure. Train travel can also be extremely inexpensive if you book at least a couple of months in advance or select a ticket during a non-peak time.

Due to the high-speed Eurostar train, you can take a day trip from Paris to London. This amazing technological feat actually travels through the English Channel, enabling riders to get from Paris to London in approximately two hours and 15 minutes. This is by far the most convenient method of traveling between France and the U.K., and there are several time slots each day to make it easy to book your trip.

When you return from your London day trip, you can easily explore the City of Light on foot or by utilizing the Paris Metro. Every tourist should make a stop at the Eiffel Tower, and it is also a great idea to take a stroll along the Seine River. Not only will you get to take in some of the most beautiful views of the city, but you will also be treated to the highly entertaining and skilled street performers.

It is important to keep your passport handy when you are traveling between different European countries. Although it does not always happen, it is a common occurrence for passport checks to take place after a train crosses into a new country. By keeping your passport unpacked, it will be much easier for you to comply quickly with any requests from train personnel or border patrol guards.

Just like an airplane, there will be limited space for your luggage near your seat. Unlike an airplane, however, you will not need to check your larger bags. Instead, you will be able to personally place them into the over-sized luggage area. Keep in mind that train travel often requires taking a lot of escalators, so it is best to pack light if you will be riding the rails a lot during your European vacation.

One of the most stunning locations that you can visit by train is Venice, Italy. Due to the fact that the city is surrounded by water, however, you will most likely have to take a water bus from the train station to your desired destination. Venice is rare because it does not have any type of train travel or standard public transportation within the city limits. Instead, you will be able to experience the grandeur of the Grand Canal from relatively inexpensive water buses or very expensive gondola rides and water taxis.

The Eurail pass is an option for visitors from outside of Europe. It enables tourists to have more flexibility with their travel plans, but it is important to pay attention to all of the guidelines of whichever pass you purchase. For example, the pass will allow you to get on a train, but it does not necessarily guarantee you a specific seat unless you also make a seat reservation. Because trains can and do sell out, it is vital to acquire a seat reservation in advance.

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Discover Europe By Train - Discover Europe by Train

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