Jaipur The Land of the Brave

The city of Jaipur is an epitome of royalty and majesty. The splendid capital is the jewel of the enigmatic land of Rajasthan. The city is popularly known as ‘Pink City’ and is situated in the golden triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Along with glorious past and majesty, Jaipur is also a bustling business center with all the paraphernalia of a modern metropolis. It is the perfect blend of age-old charm and gradually modernizing culture that never fails attract travelers from the world over.

The startling backdrop of ancient forts such as Nahargarh, Jaigarh, Amer and Moti Doongari are an exemplary testimonial of the past era and a reminder of exceptional romance and chivalry. Jaipur is connected well with all parts of the country, especially with Delhi. One can easily book air tickets at affordable prices as there are several airlines that offer cheap flight tickets between the two destinations.

Founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, who was the brave warrior and astronomer, Jaipur consists several exquisite example of architecture. It is indeed a corroborative evidence of Sawai Jai Singh’s strong affection in science and astrology. One is likely to see some of the splendid architectural masterpieces in Jaipur, comprising of brilliant interior and exterior grandeur.

Albert Hall

Albert Hall

Albert Hall is one of the best examples of the affection of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh. This structure is located outside the walled city and was placed for recreational activities. The exquisite design of the garden with four marble white doors and a huge complex with small pools and fountains attract many tourists to this place. It is a well – maintained and imposing building, which exhibits a rich collection of artifacts. The white marble statue of Sawai Jai Singh, which is installed in the center of circle in C-Scheme area, adds beauty to the place.

Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple

Other spectacular pieces of architecture are Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple. Moti Dungri means pearl hill, as this place looks like a drop of pearl perched atop the hill. It is also believed as the replica of a Scottish castle. It also served as a home for Rajmata Gayatri Devi’s son, the late Jagat Singh. The palace is absolutely breathtaking and is one of the most exotic places existing in Jaipur. The temple of Lord Ganesh situated at the hill also adds beauty to this already beautiful Moti Dungri.

Jaigarh fort
Jaigarh fort

Jaigarh Fort

The Jaigarh fort overlooks the Jaipur city and offers the best panoramic view. The fort is considered the best amongst the three hill-top forts. A part of the fort has been turned into a museum and displays the exquisite weapons which were made exclusively in Jaipur. The fort structure is amongst few of those medieval time structures that have been able to preserve a granary, a cannon foundry, numerous temples, and giant mounted cannon called Jaivana, which is considered as the largest cannon on wheels in the world.


Jaipur is well connected with Delhi; there are around 20-24 daily flights between the two destinations. Indigo and JetAirways offer cheap flight tickets. In order to fly conveniently, it is recommended to book the air tickets in advance. The first flight from New Delhi to Jaipur is at 5:45 am and the last flight is at 11:25 pm.

Jaipur The Land Of The Brave
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