The Ultimate Digital Nomad Guide To Malta

Ahoy digital nomads! Pranav here, reporting to you guys live from the gorgeous Mediterranean isle of Malta!

As you know, I’m always searching for amazing spots ideal for our laptop lifestyle. And let me tell ya, Malta has skyrocketed to the top of my list!

From the friendly locals to the incredible history and architecture to the sparkling blue waters, I knew I had to give you all the inside scoop on making Malta your next digital nomad destination.

So in this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know about living and working remotely from this island paradise!

Let’s dive in..

Quick Malta Overview

Before we get into the details, let’s do a quick rundown of Malta itself.

Where is it located?

Malta is an archipelago in the Med Sea, just south of Sicily and east of Tunisia. It’s smack dab in the middle of some of the world’s hottest destinations!

The three main islands comprising the country are Malta (the main island), Gozo, and Comino.

Fast facts:

  • Malta is one of the world’s tiniest countries, adding to its charm!
  • The islands have around 525,000 inhabitants.
  • The capital and largest city is Valletta.
  • The official languages are Maltese and English.
  • They use the Euro € and are on Central European Time.
  • Malta is an EU and Schengen Area member.

History and culture

Malta has a long and rich history, having been ruled and influenced by so many distinct cultures and empires over the millennia – from the Phoenicians to the Romans to the Knights of St. John.

Today, you’ll find a vibrant mix of Mediterranean traditions and cuisine blended with heavy British influences from the 19th and 20th centuries when Malta was a colony. The country is mainly Roman Catholic but very welcoming to visitors.

The culture is an exciting blend of modern conveniences and ancient traditions. And the Maltese are some of the kindest I’ve met in my travels!

Why Malta is Amazing for Digital Nomads

Between the location, amenities, and lifestyle, Malta has become a rising hotspot for digital nomads in Europe. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes it so great:

  • Ideal weather – Sunny and warm almost all year round! Perfect for beach days and island life.
  • English speaking – Huge perk that English is an official language here! Makes life much easier.
  • Café culture – Tons of cute cafés to soak up the island vibe while you work.
  • Coworking spaces – There are several solid coworking spots in the main cities.
  • Reliable infrastructure – Great internet and cell service across the islands.
  • Convenience – Easy to navigate and get around without a car. Buses, ferries and taxis have you covered.
  • Affordable – Lower cost of living compared to other European destinations.
  • Schengen access – Can travel visa-free around Europe’s Schengen zone!
  • Laid back lifestyle – Island life here is relaxed and welcoming. Easy to meet fellow digital nomads.
  • Natural beauty – Jaw-dropping coastal cliffs, beaches, caves and more to discover.

With perks like these, it’s no wonder so many digital nomads are flocking to make Malta their temporary remote work home!

Top Cities in Malta for Digital Nomads

One of the great things about Malta is having options when choosing where to base up. Here are some of the top cities and towns to consider:


As the tiny capital of Malta, Valletta is a history buff’s dream. You’ll find charming narrow streets, quaint cafés, stunning architecture and so much significance packed into this small fortified city.

With coworking spaces and tons of wifi cafes/restaurants to work from, Valletta is very digital nomad friendly! It can get touristy, but that comes with being the capital.


Just north of Valletta, Sliema is known for its lively seaside promenade lined with cafés, shops, bars and eateries. You get a bustling city vibe here with modern conveniences.

It’s walkable to St. Julian’s nightlife and has ferry access directly to Valletta. Good public transport links around the main island make Sliema a great base.

St. Julian’s

For those wanting to be near the action, St. Julian’s is ideal. Known for its resort town vibe and lively nightlife, St. Julian’s also has tons of seaside cafes and a few coworking spaces.

It’s an easy walk or bus ride to Sliema and Valletta, so you get convenience too. Just be ready for the party vibe Paceville brings at night!


If you really want to embrace the slow island lifestyle, head to Gozo. Life here moves at a snail’s pace compared to Malta. Quaint towns with charming streets, delicious food and breathtaking coastlines make Gozo ideal for a tranquil respite.

You won’t find coworking spaces here, but with loads of wifi cafés and restaurants, Gozo lets you fully unplug after work.

Cost of Living

When it comes to cost of living, Malta is very affordable compared to other European capitals and islands. Here’s a quick budget breakdown:

  • Apartment: €800 – €1500/month for a nice 1-bedroom
  • Coworking: €100-€300/month
  • Food: €400-€600/month
  • Transport: €30-€150/month
  • Internet: €30-50/month
  • Activities: €150-€300/month

With an average monthly budget around €1500-2500 you can live very comfortably here as a digital nomad. And soak up the Mediterranean lifestyle!

Malta uses the Euro which makes traveling Europe easy. Just be prepared that as an island, goods/services may cost more than the mainland.

Malta’s Digital Nomad Visa

Now let’s get into the details on Malta’s digital nomad visa, also called the Nomad Residence Permit!

This visa launched in June 2021 and is an amazing opportunity for remote workers who want to legally live and work from Malta. Here are the key deets:

  • 1 year initial validity, can renew twice for max 3 years
  • Need to prove remote employment/income
  • Minimum €2700/month income requirement
  • Must provide health insurance and local rental contract
  • Application fee of €300

The process is relatively straightforward if you meet the criteria. Be sure to check the official website for full details and application instructions.

This visa is a digital nomad DREAM! I’m currently applying and will write a detailed guide very soon.

Finding a Place to Stay in Malta

For short trips, Airbnbs abound, but for longer sojourns lasting months, renting an apartment is the way to go.Real estate agents can assist in locating the ideal neighborhood and long-term rental, as well as ensuring reputable landlords.

Getting Around in Malta

Buses run frequently across the islands, with 2-hour, daily or weekly passes available.

Ferries travel harbor-to-harbor between Valletta, Sliema, Vittoriosa, Mgarr and more, starting around €1.50 one-way.

Taxis and rides like Bolt are plentiful at night when buses are limited.

Day to Day Activities

No two days alike! Mornings at a seaside cafe, afternoons at the beach or coworking space, evenings at restaurants and nightlife.

Numerous events and Meetups bring expats together. Things to do after work hours abound!

Here is a Nice Video Giving the Idea of Being a Digital Nomad in Malta

Healthcare Access For Digital Nomads in Malta

Malta has excellent healthcare, both public and private options. Most expats choose private coverage, around €100-150 monthly.

Top hospitals include St Thomas Hospital, Saint James Hospital,Karin Grech Rehabilitation, and Gozo General. Abundant pharmacies across islands, some with onsite doctors for quick appointments.

Essential Utilities For Digital Nomads in Malta

Local SIM cards cost around €20 monthly. Electricity is 230V with UK outlets standard.With 5G countrywide, internet speeds are fast and reliable. Home broadband available for €30-50 monthly.

Culture and Events For Digital Nomads in Malta

Delicious Mediterranean cuisine, especially local specialties like pastizzi and ftira.Year-round festivals and events like village feasts, Carnival, and the International Fireworks Festival.A mix of modern and ancient culture provides endless sights to see and new things to experience!

VisitMalta – The official tourism website for Malta, providing information on attractions, events, and travel planning.

Malta Government – The official government website for Malta, offering information on visas, residency, and other important topics for digital nomads.

Wikivoyage Malta – A free worldwide travel guide that provides detailed information on Malta, including its history, culture, and practical information for visitors

Nomad List Malta – Explore the best cafes, coworking spaces, and events for digital nomads in Malta, all in one place.

Ready for Malta Life?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold! Malta has quickly become my fave place to spend my laptop lifestyle days soaking up the island vida.

If you’re looking for amazing year-round weather, seaside living, friendly locals, conveniences and a chance to legally live and work remotely from this Mediterranean gem, then the digital nomad visa is for you!

Drop any questions below and I’ll help however I can. Who’s ready to join me in Malta? I can’t wait to cross paths over coffee by the sea soon!

Until next time,
Voyage Nomad

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