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Controling Weight While Vacationing

Controling Weight While Vacationing 1

Controlling your weight while vacationing can be done. I put the tips I have listed below into place while cruising for 12 nights and being gone from home a total of 15 days And guess what, I came home 4 pounds lighter then when I left.

Most people will diet like crazy or at least attempt do loose a few LB’s before they go on vacation.  Then while on vacation they eat and drink as if they have never done it before.  Of course “All Inclusive Resorts” and cruising has also added to the vacation blubber. Most vacationers do not want to think about cutting back since after all you are on vacation. But we know that vacation weight gain is a drag to come home to.

Here are some tips that helped me control weight while cruising for 12 nights and vacationing for 15 days:

Before leaving home, make yourself some healthy snacks to take along for the airline/airport experience. (the airlines never feed you anymore, and if going international the food they serve is, well you know airline food) Some great snacks to pack are walnuts, almonds and Kashi bars (Kashi snack bars are made with honey and full of good stuff for you). Use the snack size snack baggies to make your portion controlled snacks. Walnuts and almonds are the best snacks to curb your hunger. Eat 6 nuts about 20 minutes before a meal and you will eat less. Pack enough baggies for the plane journey and to have while vacationing. I recommend packing healthy food for the plane ride, just do not pack liquids, the security will not like that to much.

Use the gym while on your cruise or at your resort. Vacation is a great time to allow time for YOU and you have time to exercise.  Cruise gym’s and certain resort gym’s offer classes in yoga, palates, aerobics, kick boxing and even Ti Chi. Sign up and try a new exercise without having to sign up for 12 weeks like you would at home.

Walk, walk, walk and walk some more. Seek out cruise off shore excursions that include walking. Use the walking track on the ship or in the gym use the treadmill. At an all-inclusive resort take the time to enjoy the resort grounds or beach and make an effort to walk, walk and walk.

Cocktails, some will indulge more then normal while on vacation. If you drink wine, have wine spritzers instead (I know that wine drinkers will cringe at the thought of diluting your wine, but it is not that bad) you can drink more and consume less calories by having Wine Spritzers (1/2 wine 1/2 soda water). Go for light beer if you are a beer drinker. Avoid tropical drinks as they are full of sugar. Go for either wine or light beer. Or better yet, alternate your drinks, have a cocktail, and then the next drink have sparkling water or still water.

Drink water through out the day. The body needs to be hydrated. Traveling can dehydrate you quickly without realizing it. Avoid alcohol and caffeine while flying this will dehydrate you very quickly. Having at least eight, 8oz glasses of water a day will do you wonders. Yes, you will visit the restroom more often but guess what that gets you walking more.

Spa cuisine, what a wonderful new concept to cruising and resort dining. More and more people want to eat healthier, and Spa Cuisine can allow that to happen. Most cruise lines now offer a Spa menu as well as they offer vegetarian dishes (be careful, do not think just because it is for vegetarian’s that the dish is low calorie, make sure you know what is in the dish to make an educated choice).

Allow yourself 1 roll at dinner or better yet forgo having the roll. If you have the roll have it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, this is better then having butter on it.

Have a salad or soup before the entrée. Use oil and balsamic vinegar instead of dressing on your salad. Order what you want and if it is a higher calorie dish then just have a few bites. You do not have to eat the entire serving. I know it will seem wasteful but who cares, you are on vacation and at all inclusive or cruises the food is included. Not like ordering a meal out and you pay high dollar for it, so you do not want to waste a single bite.

Deserts, yes the sin of all sins is to indulge in desert. Share with your travel mate or like I said above, take a few bites and then push it away. The problem is that most will order desert every night and not share. Sharing it will make you feel great the next morning.

Avoid the Lido deck (if cruising) or the buffet lines at resorts. GO TO THE DINING ROOM!! You are on vacation, why not be served. Then you get portion control, and you feel special to be served. Buffet lines you will overeat. And you do all the serving. You know Mom’s saying “your eyes are bigger then your stomach.”

Take the stairs and challenge yourself to not use the elevators. Great to do on cruises, you are on vacation so you can take your time with the stairs. Taking the elevators, you cannot add extra steps to your day.

Eat more often; it is true that when you eat 5 to 6 small meals a day, it is better then 3 large meals or less since some people refuse to even eat 3 meals a day. If you eat a larger then normal lunch then cut back at dinner. Having smaller meals more often your body can burn that up faster then making your stomach over work when you fill it with tons a food at one meal.

Controlling your weight while of vacation can be fun. I can tell you first hand that coming home weighing less then when I left was the prefect ending to a lovely get away to recharge my batteries. Vacationing is good for the soul, we all need to escape reality and as I say “live like fat cats”. Now I challenge you not to come home a fat cat but a lean cat that is well rested and ready to tackle what life has in store for you until your next vacation.

Controling Weight While Vacationing
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