6 Safety Tips for Every Traveler in Mexico

The last thing that you would ever think of happening when you’re in Mexico is having your safety compromised. However, you basically know that accidents can happen, and crime can strike anywhere and anytime, even when you’re on a holiday. Though there is no real guarantee that you will be completely safe once you’re already out there, it’s still best to be prepared at all times. As they say, it’s better to be ready than sorry in the end.

Take note of the following safety travel tips:

1. Be updated

Know where you are actually going and see if it’s safe to travel at your desired schedule. You can check out your country’s government website or even the official online portal of Mexico for any advisory or warning that you have to heed. Moreover, knowing the status of your destination will help you know what to watch out for.

2. Bring your important documents with you at all times

Unless you’re taking turns with a friend in watching over your accommodation, you may want to tag along all your important papers, such as your passport, credit and ATM cards, visas, identification cards, and other confidential documents. Also include your mobile phone. You can place all of them in a small bag such as fanny pack or a belt bag. You can afford to have your clothes stolen but not these mentioned items.

3. Avoid cashing out in unguarded automated teller machines

You are definitely prone to robbery if you decide to withdraw your money on automated teller machines that have no security guards or located very far from crowded areas. If you think that you’re getting short of cash, make sure that you can take a trip to the mall or to the bank, where you can be a lot safer. Better yet, make use of a traveler’s check or a credit card, which doesn’t necessarily entail you to dispense cash.

4. Have your documents e-mailed to your account

Your papers may get lost or worse stolen before or during your stay in Mexico. E-mailing them will give you backup copies, which you can simply print at your convenience.

5. Avoid being the center of attention

As much as possible, try to blend in with the crowd.It will not only make you a lesser target of thieves and robbers, but you can also experience the Mexican lifestyle and culture a lot better. This also goes on to say that women should avoid revealing dresses. The Mexicans are very conservative people. Doing so will prevent you from getting sneers and snide remarks from them.

6. Choose your accommodation well

Hotel chains like Grupo Vidanta may be an expensive option than the inns and motels, but you are sure of your security and safety. They have 24-hour security personnel, as well as covert security systems installed. They can also have their own mode of transportation, or they can hail legitimate taxi cabs for you. What’s more, with their impressive door lock system, you’re confident of leaving some of your valuables inside your room, so you can travel light.

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