Top 5 Places in Australia for Jet Ski Lovers

Australia is a heaven for jet skiing and nautical activities. From Sydney to Brisbane, there are countless locations available for jet skiing enthusiasts. You’ll find many local shops offering Jet Ski rentals for optimal convenience. Whether you’re visiting Australia or you’re a local, there is simply nothing like the excitement jet skiing offers. The following are some of the top places in Australia for Jet Ski Lovers.

Carinya Ski Ranch

Carinya Ski Ranch is a popular destination for water sports. Located at Wiseman’s Ferry in New South Wales, this caravan park is the perfect venue for weekend getaways. You can enjoy endless stretches of jet skiing on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. There are also Jet Ski equipment rentals for all guests and visitors. With vast vegetation and breathtaking landscapes, Carinya Ski Ranch is a must for anyone that loves water skiing. The park also features cabins, vans, and mobile homes all nestled on a traditional campground. There are also activities for the kids, along with cricket and volleyball.

Surfcamp Australia

Surfcamp is the perfect place for those that want to surf or Jet Ski. Located in Sydney, the camp is based at Seven Mile Beach National park. There are also Jet Ski and surfing instructors on hand to help you at every turn. With sandy beaches and crystal waters, you can spend countless hours jet skiing and taking in the great sights. There are also food vendors located throughout the camp. Whether it’s family vacations or corporate gatherings, Surfcamp Australia simply offers something for everyone.

St. Kilda Beach

St. Kilda is probably the most popular beach on Port Phillip Bay. This dazzling sandy beach is great for jet skiing, swimming, and other activities. The Pier is also burgeoning center with plenty of retail shops and souvenir stands. There are boating facilities, ramps, and convenient ferry services as well. After an exciting day of jet skiing, you can enjoy a delicious picnic lunch or barbecue. In fact, picnic grounds, reserves, and cafeterias blanket the area. There are also walking, hiking, and bicycling trails for the nature lover in you.

Kerferd Road

Kerferd Road is simply a jet skier’s paradise. With special zones for jet skiing, boating, and sailboards, you can hours of non-stop fun across a wide stretch of Port Phillip Bay. There are also zones that are strictly for swimming and nautical activities. The nearby playground is perfect for the kids, while adults can take a stroll along with walking and cycling paths. If you love to Jet Ski without too many restrictions, Kerferd Road in Melbourne will achieve your desired results.

Brighton Beach

Set against Melbourne’s spectacular skyline, Brighton Beach is known for its windsurfing and water-based activities. This includes jet skiing, boating, and even fishing reserves. There are also Jet Ski rental places located nearby, along with barbecue pits and play facilities. Visitors can also enjoy extensive walking, hiking, and bicycle paths. While commercial in nature, Brighton Beach is still a popular destination for locals and tourists. Brighton Beach is also adjacent to Middle Brighton and Dendy Street Beaches.

All these venues continue to make jet skiing one of the top activities Down Under. Whether you are a seasoned professional or beginner, there are several Aussie locations available for your convenience. For more information on jet skiing locales in Australia, check on the Google or contact your local travel agency.

In order to make sure your jet ski doesn’t fail you when you need it the most make sure to take care of it, use jet ski covers and make sure that you keep regular maintenance. Jet Ski can bring you a lot of fun times, so don’t neglect them.


Top 5 Places in Australia for Jet Ski Lovers
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