Top 5 Shopping Destinations in Australia

With the arrival of spring in Australia, it is the perfect time to pack your suitcases and head to Aussie’s shopping paradises. And why wouldn’t you? The weather is amazing, climate is excellent, and the prices are even better. Whether you are traveling locally or you are just holidaying in Australia, if you are a shopaholic, you’ll get your fix in boutiques, stores, malls, consignment stores, etc. Besides, shopping in Australia is a whole culture. Even the period in between two boutiques will be an experience by itself. So fill your suitcase with shopping bags and get started.

Here are our top 5 choices for you.


Let’s start with the real deal. The biggest Australian city will be on your must-see places, now just add it to your shopping list. Sydney even has its own shopping districts, and the main is Pitt Street Mall. The whole street is pedestrian, so you’ll be able to look around without the traffic being your distraction. There are many shopping centers in the area with hundreds of different stores. Some of them are Skygarden, Mid City Centre, Strand Arcade, etc. Sidney also has some lovely weekend markets where you can find fabulous and affordable vintage clothing.


The Australia’s fashion capital has lot to offer to tourists looking to fill their bags with a lot of goodies. Melbourne is famous for being hip and urban, so don’t expect anything less when you visit. When you shop in Melbourne, remember that it should be enjoyment above all, so take a coffee break, from time to time. Besides its two main shopping areas Chapel Street and Bridge Road (oh-my-god-amazing local designers), this city hides treasures in the sidetracks. Second-hand shops, vintage stores, and the popular Melbourne warehouse sales. So don’t be afraid to step off the road, because there you can find everything from furniture to makeup, at incredibly low prices.


The South Australian capital is a lovely destination by itself, but if you are going there to shop, you won’t be sorry. You’ll find wide range of things in over 600 stores in pedestrianized street Rundle Mall. You can find everything you need there, from local designers to major international brands, and even small unique shops. Make sure you visit the Antique Market, you don’t want to miss out on breathtaking vintage clothing and jewelry. In a two storey charming store, you’ll definitely fall in love in the atmosphere.


In Brisbane, there is one street to meet all your needs and it’s called Queen Street Mall. In just one street there are number of shopping centers, such as Brisbane Arcade and Myer Center. To satisfy your inner fashion aficionado make sure you visit the Wintergarden or Broadway on the Mall. If you are willing to spend more, explore the Queen Plaza, for more exclusive clothing lines. If you are interested in new emerging designers and concept pop-up stores, make sure you visit James Street. Elizabeth Arcade is also a great place to visit.


Perth is the perfect city to have an amazing shopping experience. It is rich with shopping centers and you’ll have no trouble to find what you need. Start with King Street, where in just several blocks you’ll see many major international brands, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many others. If you are looking for eye-catching, unique and specialized souvenirs to give to your friends you should visit Mount Lawley. The street is an ideal alternative to a suburban mall, because it offers the unique charm of boutiques put together with book shops, cafes for shopping breaks and even an odd traditional pub.

We hope our little guide has been helpful and sufficient to convince you that, during spring, there is no better place to be or to shop than in these Australian cities.

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